02/02/2015 12:30 GMT | Updated 04/04/2015 06:59 BST

11 Things You Need to Stop Apologising for, Right This Second

We've been subliminally taught to hate so many things about ourselves it's sickening. Unless we fit into a very narrow mould of what we're "supposed" to look like, we feel this unrelenting need to apologise for it. Why? What would happen if we gave it all a defiant middle finger and stopped buying into these constructed norms of what's beautiful? Contrary to what some would have us believe, not World War 3, anyway.

There's absolutely no reason to apologise for the physical characteristics that are a part of you. They're a part of you but not all of you. Their mere existence is not something that warrants an apology. To anyone. Please stop apologising for...

1. Your un-styled hair.

Let's face it. None of us wake up in the morning without a single hair out of place. Life is not a L'oreal advert. Or a movie. Embrace the mane.

2. Your face without make-up.

The make-up free selfie trend in aid of breast cancer research last year saw thousands of women do what many of us have nightmares about - sharing totally bare faced selfies on social media. But why are we so afraid of being seen without any slap? I mean, really?With or Without Make-up, You're Gorgeous! Don'tcha know.

3. Cellulite.

Are we really still having this conversation? Cellulite is not synonymous with being unhealthy. Having absolutely none is also not synonymous with being healthy. If you're human, then there's a chance you'll have cellulite. Before we look in the mirror and think to ourselves, "I really need to tone up, this cellulite is disgusting", I think we should stop and ask "who said it was disgusting in the first place? What's actually wrong with it?" I'll give you a hint. Sweet-b-all. There ain't nothing wrong with a bit of jiggle.

4. How tall\short/in-between you are.

The length of your legs and the number of centimetres tall you stand at are nothing more than physical characteristics. One shouldn't (and isn't) be more desirable than the other. Love your legs, however long they are!

5. Your current mood.

It's ok to have days where you find everything around you irritating and want to scream for no apparent reason. You don't have to be happy all the time! Letting out your frustration is actually pretty good for you.

6. Your complexion.

Whatever colour your skin is - it's gorgeous. I personally think it's wonderful, how many beautiful colours we human beings come in.

7. The size of your bum.

It may sound hitting-me-over-the-head obvious to say that not every single woman in the world has a butt as big as Nicki Minaj's. It's sad to think that so many of us are opting for surgery to enhance our derrieres when they're perfect for our body as they are. Curves come in all different shapes and sizes, ladies!

8. Your current weight.

Life is a journey which can be somewhat difficult. Your weight is bound to fluctuate from time to time. Stop giving yourself a hard time over it! Gaining or losing weight is not the end of the world. Anyone who makes you feel as though it is can go suck a salmon.

9. Your stretch marks.

I'm pretty sure that 98% of us have some stretch marks. They're perfectly normal and can occur for many different reasons, not just through weight gain, FYI. You're a tiger who earned its stripes! Roar!

10. Your scars.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Scars are your body's way of saying "HA! You tried to stop me but you couldn't. I win."

11. Body hair.

Who likes waxing anyway?