02/11/2016 07:38 GMT | Updated 01/11/2017 05:12 GMT

Staying In Is The New Going Out - Apparently!

Staying in is the new going out - apparently!

We've all experienced FOMO - the Fear Of Missing Out, when we go to a party well out of our way, just in case the man or woman of our dreams is there! Well now we've come full circle and we're making up excuses to stay in. 2016 is officially the year of JOMO - the Joy Of Missing Out! According to research from Deliveroo, a third of Brits are lying to get out of a night out, at least once a month.

The lame excuses for staying in include sick pets, being stuck on the roof, and trying for a baby. But surely a glammed-up night out, with few glasses of champers, is exactly what you need to get you jumping into bed to pop your own cork! It sounds like a lot more fun too - or am I missing something?

We are turning into a society where technology is taking over our lives - men are on the Xbox and messing around with their gadgets, and us ladies are watching our favourite soaps. I totally get it - log fire, glass of wine and no make-up on is great! It's a bonus when you don't have to take it off later - happy days!

But when we stop communicating, our relationships suffer and break down. Getting your glad rags on, and making yourself look amazing for a night on the tiles is fun - you feel great, it's exciting, and you never know what the night may bring!

If it's like one of my dates, a romantic stroll after dinner could lead to an encounter with some rather good looking boys in blue - and more men in uniform than you know what to do with! I fell down a 20ft moat in Pevensey, a pretty village in East Sussex. The fire brigade, the police and the ambulance service all came to my rescue, and carried me off on a stretcher like a damsel in distress! "Miss Palmer," said one of the boys in blue, "this moat's been here millions of years, and nothing like this has happened before!" I assured him I'd get off back to Kent and give their emergency services a rest!

I'm one of those people that something always seems to happen to - but I'm making memories. And maybe it was a bloody painful one, but it's still something to look back on and laugh about! There won't be many stories to tell about that time he played on the Xbox and you watched Eastenders.

If you're single, how are you going to feel that spark when you catch someone's eye, if you don't leave the house? Sometimes you don't feel like it, but whack on bit of Kylie, grab a glass of wine, and you'll soon be in the mood for a night out! Plus think of the benefits - you may meet Mr. or Mrs. Right (or make new friends!), but even if you don't, you're making memories, and surely that's worth something?

I believe 2017 should be known as YOHF - the Year Of Having Fun! Life can be hard - it's sometimes stressful and we often work long hours. We all need to take a moment to remember that life's short and it's about having fun! So forget about JOMO and staying in because it's your goldfish's birthday, here's to making memories and having fun!