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Ladies - All He Wants For Christmas Is You!

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"All I want for Christmas, is youuuuuuuuuuu!" We've all sung Mariah Carey in front of the mirror, haven't we ladies? Well, I'm here to tell you that all he wants is YOU! This blog is for the girls, because sometimes we feel awkward accepting presents at Christmas, especially if it's the early days in a relationship. But here's what you need to remember - your man wants to spoil you!

Men love being in a relationship at Christmas - for them, being single on Christmas Day is worse than being single on Valentine's Day. And you don't have to take my word for it - dating site Elite Singles did a survey, and that's not all they found out. According to them, men want to celebrate Christmas as part of a couple, they want to introduce their new partner to their family, and here's the thing, ladies - 82% of guys think it's important to buy gifts for a new partner!

Women tend to be a lot more cautious about all these things - and we often feel uncomfortable receiving a big present in the beginning of a relationship. It might be because we're brought up not to be greedy - after all, gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins! But ladies, men want to give you presents at Christmas, so why don't we let them?

One problem is, a lot of women think that if a guy's spent a lot of money on them, they need to spend the same amount in return - but that's so not the case! As a matchmaker, I work with a lot of very wealthy men, who'll often earn ten times more than their partners. There's no way they expect to receive a gift of the same value, so we need to stop feeling insecure about receiving expensive presents!

If you've got a good guy who wants to spoil you, then let him - be glad you're not going out with a Scrooge. I started dating a guy one summer, and by December it wasn't really working. But with Christmas looming, I didn't have the heart to tell him to bugger off - he'd brought me a present, and I'd spent quite a bit on him. After Christmas, it still wasn't right, so I dumped him, but we remained friends - or so I thought. He came round to see me in the New Year, and it was only after he'd gone, that I realised my Christmas presents had disappeared too - he'd taken them back, the horrible sod! I wished I'd dumped him sooner - but that's a different blog.

With Christmas round the corner, we need to remember to accept gifts graciously. One of my male clients had been seeing a lady for a couple of months, and she bought him aftershave for Christmas. This was a nice gift, but she felt embarrassed when he gave her a Cartier watch. The silly bugger Googled the price of it - when she found out it cost over £20K, she refused to accept it. They had a tiff, and that put a dampener on Christmas Day.

My advice, if you're on the receiving end of an amazing gift, is to accept it graciously. Please don't ever Google the price of your present - it's disrespectful, and sucks the romance out of a gift given from the heart. And don't you dare turn it down! Accept the gift in the manner in which it was given - your partner wouldn't have given it to you unless they wanted you to have it. Giving a gift feels great - that's why it's called the gift of giving, and that's why they say it's better to give than to receive! Your partner wants to see your face light up, so don't take that away from them!

Of course, you want to feel good giving them a gift too. If you don't have much money, do something fun. One female client of mine bought some sexy underwear, and told her partner she was his present! He loved honey, so she put some somewhere I'll leave to your imagination!

If your man wanted an expensive watch, he'd go and buy it. So this Christmas, let him spoil you, and give him the one thing he can't buy (and the one thing he really wants) - YOU!