22/03/2016 12:30 GMT | Updated 22/03/2017 05:12 GMT

Spring Is in the Air

Easter is a wonderful time to bring new life into the world. The first hint of spring, a new warmth in the air, bulbs bursting into life and a sense of new beginnings makes this a really special time to have a baby.

There are lots of lovely ways to mark Easter time and the coming of spring with a new baby, many of which celebrate birth and new beginnings. Eggs have been used for centuries at this time of year to symbolise new life, just as bunnies have been symbols of fertility. When baby is very little then a chocolate Easter egg is just the thing for mum to enjoy with her feet up, but as baby gets bigger an Easter egg hunt is lots of fun for all the family. If your little one is too young for lots of chocolate then you could decorate some real eggs (boiled is best!) or some polystyrene eggs (available in most craft shops or supermarkets). Have fun decorating the eggs with paint and glitter, hide the eggs in the house, garden or park, then get the kids to run round collecting as many as they can find, producing a prize for everyone at the end. It's also really good fun to decorate your own Easter tree and a lovely way to bring the outside in. Go out exploring with the kids and grab a branch with a few smaller limbs attached to it. You can decorate it by wrapping wool round the branches or spray painting it if you wish and then 'plant' it in a vase or plant pot and maybe add some sand to stop it toppling over. Then decorate as you wish; you could let the kids go crazy with painted eggs, Easter colouring, fake grass, plastic chicks and sweets or go for something a bit more sophisticated with gorgeous painted eggs and beautiful ribbons. Another lovely idea is to buy an Easter toy to decorate the tree and give it to baby when Easter is over.

There are lots of fabulous Easter crafts to keep older children occupied, particularly important if mum is busy with a new baby. Easter bonnets, nests for chocolate eggs, Easter egg baskets and lots more, with kits widely available if you, like me, sometimes lack inspiration! Also, if weather permits, nothing beats pulling on your wellies and venturing outside for some spring sunshine, the older kids will love letting off steam and new babies sleep much better after a dose of fresh air.

Easter is also a time for families to get together and it can be a lovely idea to buy an Easter gift for a new baby. If baby is too little for an Easter egg then a cuddly toy makes a thoughtful Easter gift. New clothes are also often given at this time of year, a nice touch is to personalise them by adding the little ones name to make a really special present. Mugs, breakfast sets or toys for the garden all go down well with older children and you can be sure that mum will appreciate Easter gifts for the kids that won't fill them full of chocolate!

Have fun this Easter with all your little chicks and bunnies, let's hope for some spring sunshine for us all to enjoy!

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