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Five Ways To Be the Best Girlfriend He's Ever Had

Not all men are created equal, but there are some common qualities nearly every guy looks for in a woman. Here are the top five ways you can be the best (and hopefully last!) girlfriend he's ever had.

Not all men are created equal, but there are some common qualities nearly every guy looks for in a woman. Here are the top five ways you can be the best (and hopefully last!) girlfriend he's ever had.

1. Maintain Your Independence

When you begin dating a guy you really like, it's natural to want to spend every waking moment with him. You start cancelling plans with the girls, skipping out of yoga class or otherwise doing anything other than talking to your guy, hanging out with your guy, or wondering when you're going to see your guy next...but don't! Staying busy with your friends, family and hobbies and activities that you enjoy tells him that you aren't going to suffocate him. Just because you're sharing your lives with each other doesn't mean you need to give yours up entirely. Remember that the things you spent your time doing when you were single are the things that helped attract him to you in the first place. Your passions, interests and relationships are a huge part of who you are--and without them, you're just a girl waiting like a puppy for him to give you attention, and there isn't much attractive about that!

2. Be His Friend

Yes, I know, he's more than just a friend...but he's still your friend. So many times in a relationship we are on edge, waiting for the other person to either build us up or break us down. We want love, security and the reassurance that he's one hundred percent invested in us. But something happens when you stop approaching the guy you're dating with an attitude of expectation and start just being his friend. Genuinely caring how his day was, talking to him about what is going on in his life, joking around with him and letting the "serious" stuff wait on the sidelines for a minute allows you to bond on a deeper, yet less emotional, level. Being in a relationship, while serious and complicated from time to time, should be fun!

3. Spend More Time Praising Him Than You Do Nagging Him

Now, I don't mean "praising" in a every single thing you do is amazing and wonderful way, and I'm not implying that you should turn a blind eye when he does something ridiculous or annoying. However, if you find yourself nagging him about every little thing he does wrong, it might be time to choose your battles. Constantly nagging a guy doesn't generally make him want to change his behaviour, it just angers him and puts him on the defensive, leaving you both feeling frustrated. Many men complain that they feel as if they can't do anything right when it comes to the woman their dating, and this is where the praising comes in handy. When he makes you happy, tell him! Tell him how much you appreciate that he filled your car up with gas, or had dinner ready when you got home from work. Let him know how much you love when he hugs you long and hard, or how cute his hair looks today. Spending more time vocalising the positive things that you love about him, rather than the silly negatives that drag you both down will make him fall head over heels in love with you--simply because you make him feel great about himself!

4. Keep It Sexy

No matter how long you've been dating your boyfriend, it's important to keep the spark alive--and sometimes, it takes work! Make the effort to wear the outfit he likes every once in a while, surprise him with a sassy text message during the workday or linger in bed on a Sunday morning. Men love-and need-to feel as desired as women do, so these small things will really mean a lot to him...and trust me, he'll return the favour ten-fold!

5. Go With the Flow (But Don't Play Games)

So, you've just started dating a great guy...and now you want to know what's next? Are you exclusive? Facebook official? Do his friends know about you? Will you meet his parents during the holidays? And on, and on. If it's exhausting to read, imagine how it feels to be the guy in the equation--that's a lot of pressure! One of the best ways to avoid this stress all together is to both go with the flow-but don't play games. Let him know up front what type of relationship you are looking for, and if you seem to be on the same page, don't start questioning his every move, asking for more and more. If there is something on your mind, speak up and share with him how you feel and then (here comes the tricky part) really listen to the things he tells you, don't twist his words, blow things out of proportion or hear only what you want to hear...not that you would ever do that, right? Communication is essential to a happy relationship, and when a guy knows he can talk to you and it won't devolve into a dramatic argument, he'll be putty in your hands!