14/10/2014 05:41 BST | Updated 13/12/2014 05:59 GMT

How to Enjoy Every Second of Being Single

lechatnoir via Getty Images

For many people, "single" is some what of a dirty word. They hope that it's a temporary thing, that soon they'll bump into the love of their life and finally, they won't be the dreaded single anymore, they'll be half of a duo, cloaked in the security of a relationship. While there is nothing wrong with falling in love, there is also nothing wrong with being single.

In fact, being single is awesome...if you let it be. Here is how to make the most out of your unattached status. Hey, it's better than being miserable, right?

Spend a lot of time alone.

Many singles claim to be afraid to be alone, but one of the benefits of being on your own is the opportunity to really get to know yourself and what you want out of a relationship. Instead of thinking of spending time alone as something depressing or lonely, enjoy your own company and make it special. If you don't enjoy hanging out with yourself, how can you expect anyone else to? A bonus of all this time alone? The more secure you are in your own skin, the more attractive you become to potential dates.

Say yes.

Make it your mission to say "yes" to just about any invitation that comes your way. Road trip with your bestie? Sure! Co-workers soccer team needs an extra member? Raise your hand! Coffee with a friend you haven't seen in years? Pick the place. Since you're single, the only schedule you have to consider is yours...take advantage of it by filling it up with as much quality time with friends and family as you can.

Don't go out with just anyone.

When you're single and not loving it, a common knee-jerk reaction is to go on tons of dates in hopes that one person will stick and save you from being a cat-lady (or man) forever. Throwing your standards out the window won't get you any closer to a happy relationship though, it will only waste your time and emotions. Think of this single stage as an opportunity to be as kind to yourself as possible, and that includes being very selective with the people whom you spend your time. This is not to say that you should lock yourself up and not date anyone, but maybe hanging out on Tinder like it's your job isn't really doing you any favors.

Stop talking about how single you are.

Although we've never met, I know there are hundreds of ways to describe you and they are awesome, I have a good feeling about these things...and single isn't one of them! When talking about yourself, or where you are in your life, do your best to stop lamenting on how (shudder) single you are. That is just your current relationship status, it could change tomorrow--it does not define who you are as a person. When you talk about being single like it's a negative thing, guess's starts to kind of suck.

Better yourself.

We all have things about ourselves that need some refining, goals we haven't achieved or habits we need to break. Use this unattached period in your life to dig deep and do what it takes to better yourself, whether that means going back to school, cleaning up your diet, or breaking unhealthy is different for everyone. Not only will your confidence sky-rocket, but you'll be an even more solid of a partner when Cupid aims his arrow your way, since you've taken care of some of the baggage that can plague you in a relationship way ahead of time!