Confidence is key to raising the bar, just ask Jennifer Lopez.
I wanted to bring this to life with a beautiful shoot that made a visual stand. Featuring twelve of the industry's hottest names (my most daring talent!) who represent a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, abilities, ages and ethnicities to show that big, small, curvy or lean EVERY body is beautiful
Many of us bear the scars of the forgotten gym kit - and the horror of being forced to run about in your pants. Despite tackling triathlons over the last few years I wasn't the most natural of athletes at school and P.E. for me, was an exercise in not being as good as everyone else. Most women seem to have painful memories of school sports.
Sex after a stroke can be extremely scary. You worry, in case a orgasm increases your blood pressure. You worry that with
I wanted to share with you my personal battle with anxiety and confidence, something I know that affects many of us and how I have tackled it head on and how you can too.
As I started to gig more, working in an office job by day, then heading off to gigs all around the country by night, getting the perfect run up to a gig became impossible. I'd rush into a gig in Totnes, moments before being due onstage, the mournful fragments of a Greggs pasty crumbled over whatever T-shirt had been clean(ish) that morning.
Acne is one of the commonest skin disorders which affects nearly 80% of the population at some point in time. Choosing the right products with effective ingredients is vital otherwise you may inadvertently be making the problem worse.
I had it all planned. 32 weeks into my pregnancy we'd move from London to Brighton. I'd pop back into my favourite jumpsuit straight after delivery and set up a profitable styling business during maternity leave. Obviously home and work would be perfectly balanced.
Sharing with others what you're going through is a great way of overcoming and dealing with it. The impact of 'You Look Disgusting" meant that a lot of the online abuse actually ended due to the film. And I was completely blown away by the support - I had no idea that I would ever reach over 26 million views - and touched that so many women related to what I was saying.