14/10/2016 07:35 BST | Updated 13/10/2017 06:12 BST

What Would We Do Without Google?

Like many moments of inspiration, this blog post came to me while out on a country walk with my partner.

There we were minding our own business when we heard another couple arguing up-head.

We couldn't hear the full details, but the wife turned around to her husband and proclaimed, "Don't worry I'll Google it", and just like that the argument was settled.

I can't deny that it made me chuckle - of all the things we now use Google for, settling arguments has to be one of its most useful services.

But as someone who is up to my elbows in all things Google as part of my day job, it really got me thinking about just how much Google has changed our lives.

Maths, Unit Conversions and Everything In-between

I can't deny it - I'm perpetually bad at maths.

My maths teacher was a mean old lady who carried the overwhelming scent of Imperial Leather soap, and was the type to make you stand-up in front of the class to repeat your times tables.

Now that I'm an adult this torture seems completely worthless, as thanks to Google I search for all mathematical questions and get the answer I need without having to go through the childhood trauma of maths class.

I know it's not the 'adult' thing to do, but I'm fine it and guess what? - I know plenty of people who will admit the same.

Ask Jeeves

Homework on Internet Explorer will never be the same without that pompous know it all.

But getting the right answers out of Jeeves, was often as laborious as manually searching for the answer in the Library.

If there's one thing we can be certain on - Google always has the answer.

Never Learn the Basic Cooking Skills

Now I don't know about you, but in my GCSE food technology classes the closest meal I came to making was a ham sandwich.

Luckily I had parents who knew their way around a kitchen, but when let loose into the big wide world, we can't deny that Google has been the guiding hand that has kept us all well fed.

Not only has Google helped me to master the boiled egg, but it's been a saviour during Bake Off when I've had no clue what those poor bakers are meant to be whipping up in their technical.

Ponder About Your Old Classmates

We're all guilty for using Google to track down old classmates to see where they've ended up. You can't deny it. The temptation is too much, and Google's private investigator abilities are too easy to use.

As the Google generation, I hold my hands-up to going through that faze of putting my entire life on the internet. And oh how I regret it!

In fact, don't ask me why, but when recently Googling my own name, both my Beebo and MySpace account appeared. Suffice to say I then spent a good part of my day desperately trying to find out how to remove any traces of my youth from the internet.

Nobody wants to see that.

Read Maps

In my entire life I have never read a map - or wanted to.

I generally have a great sense of direction, but go any further than my local area and my travel is completely reliant on Google Maps telling me where to go.

Yes, I'm sure this is a dreadful thing to be so reliant upon, but if like me you were brought up on family holidays where map arguments were inevitable, then you too will understand the joy that Google Maps has put back into our lives when we decide to drive anywhere with our families. Goodbye unnecessary hours spent in the car because your Dad took the wrong turning - hello road trip!

It doesn't matter what you do for a living or the lifestyle you've chosen, I can guarantee you, that without you even realising it, in one way or another you've become reliant on Google.