An Open Letter To Anyone Who Voted For Trump

This is not even about Trump anymore. We're not being sore losers and whinging for the sake of it.

First off, I am not an American.

I could not vote in your election, but you must understand just how much this result has not only affected your Country, but it has affected me and the rest of the World too.

I'm not going to sit here today and lay into your character just because of who you voted for. That's not me. I don't know you and I'm not going to make assumptions about the kind of person you are because of the person you have chosen to believe in - That sounds like something Trump would do.

Today is just about me trying to explain to you how the rest of us are feeling and why. I want you to understand that whilst you have won and are feeling happy, joyous, proud and hopeful from the result - We on the other hand feel the opposite and it hurts.

It really; really hurts.

What could I possibly find so hurtful about Trump becoming president as a White, Straight, Brit?

For anyone that has supported a friends terrifying and tearful journey of coming out of the closet

You must understand my absolute despair at anyone that has tried to lock the door as they think they're better off by staying in there and not being true to themselves.

For anyone that has witnessed attacks or racist undertones in places that they're in

You must be feeling absolutely terrified right now for anyone that wasn't born with the same colour skin as you and that is not okay.

For any woman that has been hit on quite forcefully, and then told that she blatantly wants it because of the way she is dressed when she says no

You must be able to understand my second guessing of my shorter clothes and wondering how often I can wear them out when I'm not with my boyfriend.

For anyone that has ever been sexually assaulted

Please know that you're not alone in your heartbreak and sick feeling that a man that has admitted to sexual assault and feels that it is his right to "grab em' by the pussy" in regards to any woman has been rewarded with one of the most important jobs in the entire world.

Trump is the face of my father that beat my mother.

Trump is the face of the guy that assaulted me whilst I slept.

Trump is the face of the men who attacked a woman in a Hijab last night following the result.

Trump is the face of the group of Irish men that I got in a row with in a bar for reducing a grown man to tears for repeatedly calling him a 'fag'.

Trump is the face of every girl that's been told that she's not good enough, not strong enough, not thin enough, not curvy enough.

Trump is the face of every racist, homophobe, sexist, xenophobe that has ever made someones life a difficult one to live.

Trump is President now.

The decision has been made and we're just going to have to learn to accept that.

But I beg of you to never ask us to accept hate!

To accept being in 2016 but feeling like you're dreaming and are actually in History where walls could get put up, where one religion could be forced to wear ID cards, and anyone but the White male is deemed of lesser importance.

This is not even about Trump anymore. We're not being sore losers and whinging for the sake of it. This is mourning for all that is good in the world and praying that the future will be brighter.

For everyone that feels as lost and let down as I do, just know that we can still win.

Fight back with love, kindness and staying true to what you believe in and tomorrow will look a little less bleak again.

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