Supernanny Is Back with Extreme Parental Guidance!

Supernanny Is Back with Extreme Parental Guidance!

Supernanny Jo Frost is back with her show Extreme Parental Guidance and this time dealing with even tougher and more complicated issues facing parents today. I caught up with Ms. Frost to talk about tips for first-time parents and what to look for when shopping around for a nanny.

What are the most important issues that currently affect parents today?

With Extreme Parental Guidance, some of the topics that we've dealt with is anti-social behaviour and how we can find balance there and the importance of boundaries and discipline while emotionally connecting with our children with the topic of bullying and the impact that it has made on the child and the family dynamic. Other issues are family time, the time that we spend together and the pros and cons of technology.

Please share with us your most memorable case. What has been your most challenging case so far?

They are all very memorable. They all make a mark one way or another.You work with these families who are in very stressful situations and you look for ways in which you can resolve through practical tools and techniques that allow them to understand the importance of why to use these techniques and understand how to be better parents and understand their children more. All of these families, one way or another are able to scream out to one family or another from across the world that these issues are prevalent where ever we are. I think that's what makes Extreme Parental Guidance so universal.

What qualities should families look for when selecting a nanny?

First and foremost, establish the type of child care that you want. And I say that because in England, there's a distinction between a nanny and a baby-sitter. In America, there's not. In America, they call a nanny a baby-sitter. The language is very different and the job description. So if we're talking on the terms of the U.K. and the nanny, as in what my profession was, then I think it's important for the parents to establish the kind of child care that they want. Look at the type of experience she has, especially in relation to the type of care that they want as well and the quality that she is as a person, with her personality. The experience that she has in child care. Certainly look in at her references and her previous work. Her take on child care and your philosophy and your out take and values and see whether they are able to support you and provide the service and the intimacy she will have in the family unit to allow your child to be socailly, mentally, emotionally and physically looked after.

How did you cultivate your knowledge as a super nanny?

A lot of my experience from nannying allowed me to be in many different family dynamics and circumstances. So I'm able to bring my expertise from nannying to families. How I am and my make up was certainly a contribution towards how I've decided to delve out things.

What are your top tips for new parents?

The most important thing is to come together and recognize how you want to support one another to support the baby really. I always say to new-time parents: Recognize what needs to be in place and remain in place and support the framework you have there already. Sleep! Because there is no way around sleep deprivation for the first couple of months. So as much as you can sleep, sleep! At the same time, don't sweat everything.You've got to be able to recognise that you're adjusting to becoming a first-time parent. Let go of things that don't have to be dealt with straight away.Make sure you continue with the things that are absolutely crucial to your routine everyday. So many people are quick to give you their horror stories. I think it can be scary for a lot of first-time parents. I recently gave a lady my baby book and I said 'Read this, you will enjoy the read. It will educate you with understanding your own emotional journey alongside your newborn and take away the nightmarish stories that people want to put on you. I'm a realist, I look at the practicalities of enjoying the first year but at the same time recognize that it's such a beautiful thing.

How do you come up with new and unique ways of teaching families?

In the unique ways that these families are, I look for resolution. the techniques that I have and the things that I do, I give them names so they become techniques I write it down so it's an easy step for parents to follow. It's tangible and easy to digest. For example, for discipline, I broke it down so people would understand each step was important.I think it makes it easier to take people aside and be able to have a name and have those bullet points to be able to break it down.

Can you tell us about that and any other exciting upcoming projects that you are involved with?

The Nanny Jo brand is all about helping parents certainly be the best parents that they can be and understand their children. I literally will be working very hard on continuing to bring as much knowledge that I can so when you think about seminars, books and TV shows and those kinds of mediums, I will be working on them.

Jo Frost: Extreme Parental Guidance is on Channel 4 Wednesdays at 8pm until 10th August.