21/04/2013 09:06 BST | Updated 20/06/2013 06:12 BST

Margaret Thatcher Belongs to Us

This week has enjoyed an intense debate about Thatcher's legacy. As always, there were bits of truth and bits of untruth at both sides of the argument. It was very baffling to hear that we are a more individualistic society because of her. I am not sure about this. If we have become a more self-centred individuals, it is, perhaps, because this is the way we are. It may be because we want to rather than an external malign influence has been forced upon us. I even think that we have reached a point at which we are not even aware of this. It has become second-nature.


Margaret Thatcher Belongs To Us by Lorenzo Belenguer

A small example might help to support my case. Someone was going through a tough time to the point of extreme hardship. His "friends" kept telling him how much they loved him and cared about him. They kept asking him for favours or to meet up and have a chat. When he explained that he was going through a difficult time and, therefore, was unable to provide more favours or chats; all he got was a: " good luck, I hope it all gets sorted soon, xx". Beautiful good vibes, but very ineffective when in trouble. I am convinced they were satisfied with their support given, happy after having done their bit and went back to meet their friends. Probably to complain about Thatcher and how selfish this society has become because of her.

This crisis will not be solved until we have a good look at ourselves. And it is not happening. The bankers will blame on the people who should not have taken the loans in the first place. Politicians will blame on the bankers. And the rest of us will blame on the politicians and the bankers. The bucket has to stop somewhere and on this occasion has to be on each one of us as a member of the community regardless of job or rank. This is the only way out.

How it can be done? Can technology come to the rescue with the beautiful virtual networks? These are open questions with no clear answer. I am optimistic. There is no other option. Mobile technology is making us better and better connected and we are becoming more and more savvy on how to use this tool. Movements like Transition Times which are to facilitate this transition and websites like freecycle where you can only place an advert if you give it for free, are mushrooming. There is no doubt we are facing interesting times. Which way we head on, it only depends on us.