11/02/2016 12:36 GMT | Updated 11/02/2017 05:12 GMT

10 Signs That You Love Your Dog More Than Your Partner


Is your dog number one in your affections? Here are ten signs that you love your dog more than your husband or partner. Do any of these sound familiar?

1. If your dog is ill you fuss around him and make an urgent appointment at the vet. If your husband's ill you suspect that he's making fuss about nothing.

2. If your dog barks at your husband, you ask your husband what he did to upset the dog.

3. You always take your dog on holiday. Your husband can come along as well if he likes as long as he pays for himself.

4. Your husband can have his dinner after the dog has been fed.

5. You'd rather sleep next to your dog than your husband. You find your dog's snoring adorable but you prod your husband to wake him up if he joins in.

6. You buy treats for your dog all year round. Your husband just gets presents on his birthday.

7. When you get home from work you ask your dog if he had a nice day before you ask your husband.

8. You pay for private health insurance for your dog. Your husband can use the NHS like everyone else.

9. If house rules are broken, the dog is forgiven quicker than your husband.

10. There are more photos of your dog than your husband on your computer, mobile phone and desk.

To find out what dog owners really think about Valentine's Day, I ran a survey on my dog friendly website, Rover Recommended. In the survey I asked whether dog owners would like their dog to join them and their partner for a meal out on Valentine's Day.

The results showed that lovers might want to think again before booking a romantic dinner just for two. According to the survey results, a whopping 71% of dog owners would prefer their dog to join them and their partner for a meal out on Valentine's Day. Table for three anyone?

Even more surprising were the 21% of people who wanted to celebrate the occasion with their canine companion and leave their partner at home in the doghouse! At least you can microchip your dog to stop him from straying...

Wishing you and your dog a very Happy Valentine's Day.