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How to Create Your Self-Care Manifesto

If you're not taking care of yourself, it affects your energy levels and most importantly your happiness in life. Yet most of us feel very guilty when it comes to spending time and money on ourselves.

Today we're focusing on self-care. Taking care of you, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

This is so important, because if you're not taking care of yourself, it affects your energy levels and most importantly your happiness in life. Yet most of us feel very guilty when it comes to spending time and money on ourselves.

We all have commitments, obligations and responsibilities that we simply cannot ignore. I have two children to care for, a business to run, endless emails to answer, a dog that needs walking and a house that needs continuous cleaning. Yet, I realise that if I don't take a little time out each day or week I quickly become unbalanced. And when I'm unbalanced and my energy is low, I'm not a happy bunny.

So many of us are 'givers' always running around making sure we keep our boss happy, making sure the kids have gone off to school with the right lunch box, that we've paid the telephone bill, put the bins out or phoned our mum. There is always something that diverts us away from spending time nourishing ourselves. Even if we did have a spare five minutes in our already manic schedule, most of us wouldn't have a clue what to do with it anyway!

Over time we have just become accustomed to the frighteningly fast pace of life we live. TV, Internet, and mobile technology all play their part it stealing our attention away from ourselves. We collapse each night, exhausted in front of the TV with a glass of red to help us unwind and relax. It's a vicious circle. Before we know it another week has gone by and we still haven't had time to shave our legs or phone the hairdresser to book our next appointment.

But it's time to slow down and recognise our own needs. This is a must.

Think of it like this. You have £100 in your bank. Yet if you keep giving £10 away here and there without replenishing, you end up skint. There is no money in the bank! You have to fill up your reserves, whether that's physically, energetically, emotionally or spiritually. You have to keep putting fuel in your tank, or you simply won't go!

So, today we are going to create a self-care manifesto.

At the beginning of each year I create my own self-care manifesto and I thought I'd share with you just some of the things that are on my list this year.

. Take myself to lunch with my favourite magazine

. Go for a walk in nature by myself

. Lie on my sofa with my Kindle

. Sit in the garden with a cup of tea

. Have a Sunday morning lie-in

. Go shopping by myself and treat myself to something special

. Grow something in the garden

. Take an Epsom salt bath with candles

. Paint my nails

. Weekly yoga

With two young children and a business to run, life can be rather hectic and some days I find it hard to get a minute to myself. So each week I make an appointment with myself, no matter how busy I am I schedule 'me time' time in my diary. Sometimes I get my nails done; sometimes I take time to read a novel and sometimes I just take an afternoon nap! Each week, I pick something off my self-care manifesto and I nurture myself. This is non-negotiable.

It's time for you to do the same. Drop the guilt (yes I can hear your Inner Critic screaming you haven't got the time, money, energy and so on). I am giving you full permission.

Now you must give yourself full permission to nurture and pamper yourself. You need it!

Answer these following questions to help you think about how you're going to look after yourself better.

1) Where do I feel deprived?

2) Who or what is causing me to feel resentful and why?

3) What do I need more of right now?

4) Who are the people in my life that nourish me?

5) Which places or locations nourish me?

6) What activities nourish me?

Your assignment is very simple.

You're going to create a self-care manifesto. A list of as many things you can do for yourself (free or paid for) that make you feel good, this could be to spend the afternoon in the park, read a book, take a long bath, cook, garden, dance, create, play. Whatever makes your spirit soar and makes you happy. Put your list up somewhere you'll see it often. Then I want you to make an appointment with yourself each week and pick something off your self-care manifesto to do. Find just an hour a week (or more) to nourish yourself in whatever way feels right for you, write it in your diary or calendar if necessary (this is what I do). Give yourself permission to spend a little time taking care of you and see what difference it makes to the way you feel by the end of the week.

Louise Presley-Turner is a personal growth coach, motivational speaker and

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