19/02/2015 09:19 GMT | Updated 19/04/2015 06:59 BST

Better Buy British: Six Reasons Why

1. Every time you buy British goods that are made with skilled labour, you're not only creating jobs for British workers, you are also keeping skills alive in this country. Often these skills have been handed down through the generations. It's about culture, tradition, heritage and history as much as it is about the thing you buy.


2. By opting for home-grown goods you're protecting the environment for future generations. Mass produced foreign imports come with an enormous carbon footprint that you might not notice but your grandchildren will.

3. The choice to support Made in Britain products keeps money circulating locally; nearly 60% more stays in your community when you buy from local independent shops, compared to buying from large chains. Keeping money local means less money is taken out of the country, drying up and slowing down circulation.


4. Ethical production, a minimum wage and high standard working conditions are all what you'd expect of a British company. The same can't always be said for all companies who operate cheaply abroad. To buy British is to buy with a clear conscience.

5. If you back British manufacture, you'll have a knock on effect on others, creating an upward spiral. We influence others by the choices we make. If you buy British, others will too and this demand will force many retailers to source their products closer to home.


6. When you make a British buy, you are voting with your feet. If you're one of the many people who feels that humanity's current drive to make and consume the largest amount of products at the cheapest possible price and to allow anonymous, unaccountable, megalithic multinationals to turn our towns into clones of each other, while skilfully avoiding paying tax, is destructive socially, environmentally and psychologically then buying local and buying British is THE practical and tangible way for you to help buck this trend.

The pounds are in your pocket. The power is in your hands.