11/05/2015 08:30 BST | Updated 10/05/2016 06:59 BST

Mum Wars - It's All Just Party Politics

It was General Election week in the UK (how could you miss it?)

I watched as people shared their opinions, and didn't.

I said stuff too.

There are some people who like to talk honestly about their values and opinions, and share them. Some others don't.

Each to their own. Each is perfectly fine.

Some people don't mind a heated debate on social media; others would rather politely share what they are comfortable with, but keep the controversial stuff to themselves.

I found this an interesting comparison with the "good mum" vs " bad mum" conversation that has been doing the rounds over the internet for the past week or two.

If you are not familiar with this debate, in very simple terms, the way some parents communicate about their family doesn't sit well with others. Whether you are a share the joy, only the joy- Mum, or a my kids are nutters, pass me the Gin- Mum, there are people who relate to us all.

It's a bit like politics really.

We are all entitled to free speech (thank democracy). We have control over what we choose to read, and how we respond to it; and we all have our own set of values to dictate what we feel is appropriate to share.

And no doubt, we all differ. Yet we'll all find people who want to join in and vote for us. People will relate to what we say, they are a member of our 'party'.

There is no need for the "good mum" vs "bad mum" judgement. It's just politics.

Whether you are a member of the 'rose tinted' party, the 'organic parenting' party, the 'conservative party' or the 'tell it how it is' party; thank goodness there are 'votes for women'! No-one needs to throw themselves under a racehorse here.

We all are doing a good job in our own way, and luckily no one has to vote for us to allow us to keep our job as parent. We all use the values we hold true to ourselves.

I'm guessing you are well intentioned, full of love, doing the best for your child, and dealing with that in your own way. Perhaps there are lessons for politicians here?

In my opinion, as long as you stay well away from the Jeremy Kyle Show, abhor the behaviour you see by the majority of guests on that show, and don't believe that life should be handed to you on a plate - for nothing; you'll be alright.

But that's just me.

Controversial? Sometimes.

Love my family - the whole time.

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