19/02/2016 08:59 GMT | Updated 18/02/2017 05:12 GMT

Fair Fashion Month; An Indie Alternative to London Fashion Week

As is so à la mode right now, Tammam stopped doing ahead of season fashion shows a few years ago. (Come on Fashion Industry, keep up with the indies.... they'll all be going sustainable next, you'll see... oh wait - they are? (At last!) ... No hang on, just because your catwalk is made of grass it doesn't make you eco...).

Since Tammam became a bespoke studio we have opted to do one show per year, to parade our annual collection of new designs mixed with a few popular favourites from the previous collection and re-inventions of archive pieces. When I say re-invent, we take an old sample, refurbish it and update it to fit into the new collection - add some embellishment, alter the hemline, replace details - make it new; Couture upcycling if you will. Actually a practice not unfamiliar to traditional couture houses, back in the day, when waste was a bad thing (well it still is, of course).


(c) Tammam / Lavera 2015

So each year we showcase a new collection, which is available to order immediately. We add new samples throughout the year - because, you know, I'm an artist and I have to create. Often samples are just an inspiration, or starting point for an individual client's bespoke creation. We also hire out samples, so everything we make gets worn, and loved and used.

We'll be showcasing 2016 in LA this year (2015 was in Berlin). So to celebrate London Fashion Week, we are doing what all good indie labels who are tired of the mainstream fashion business model should do, and making our own fun.

I recently discovered the most incredible device in the world - The Fairphone 2. This is the smart phone equivalent of Tammam fashion. Modern, sexy, versatile, built to last and totally fair trade.


(c) Fairphone

My Fashion Week Challenge - wear only fair fashion for the whole of fashion month, and take a photo each day using THE Ultimate Eco Accessory.


Moi on day three taking a self portrait

It started on February 10th, read about the first phenomenal week on my web log. And things aren't half hotting up for London Fashion Week - follow the action on our Instagram, twitter, facebook and pinterest pages, @HouseOfTammam, to see what my fabulous partner in crime (the Fairphone, I mean) and I get up to when London goes gaga for glad rags.

Yours in Fair Trade

Ms Tammam

All images used with permission / (c) Tammam / Sapheda Limited 2016