21/04/2013 10:43 BST | Updated 19/06/2013 06:12 BST

Secret Diary of a Lime Wood Commis - Aged 19 1/2

Garganelli.... wow! Chef mentioned to me seven pieces to a portion, after spending 15minutes doing one portion I realised it wasn't as easy as chef had demonstrated to me earlier. 22 portions later chef pre-dressed a dish of the garganelli pre-service so we all knew how it should look.

Checks started flying and the VIP table started to arrive, the pressure was on.

The garganelli dish was definitely worth doing, I've learnt a new technique also using wild garlic for the first time was a pleasure!

The dish consisted of garganelli, wild garlic, chicken oyster, our special guest enjoyed it so much that he ordered more, this meant that everything I'd learnt had to be put into practise and quickly!

Highlight of my week was Wednesday when the Loch Duart salmon came through the back door in loads of boxes, ready to be prepped. I've never seen salmon of this quality and quantity and was shocked to see how fast the sous chef could break one down.

Today I learnt that when the salmon comes in and it's that fresh it still has rigamortis which makes it more difficult for me to fillet.

Next week I think I might get the chance to do some work on the Smoke House with salmon and salamis - looking forward to it!