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I Don't Remember What You Wore Yesterday

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I could be a truly terrible friend, incredibly unobservant or both, but I have something I need to share. If I was in your company last weekend, by your side at an event a month before, or dancing by your side on Friday night, I had an amazing time, but I would genuinely struggle to remember what you were wearing.

When attending an event I carefully plan my outfit, which at the moment takes barely any time at all thanks to my 33 item wardrobe. Before minimizing my closet, it could have taken me up to an hour of slowly getting warmer and redder as I tried on dress after dress, to get ready. Feeling flustered, I would finally settle on a look.

Now don't get me wrong, even with my limited wardrobe I still love this part of the process. I genuinely enjoy choosing my outfit, pairing it with the perfect earrings and shoes, and feeling pretty good about myself as I walk out the door.


However the reality is, after all this effort I think I am going to be the only person who thinks back to the evening a year later and remembers my carefully curated outfit.

On the evening itself I might get a handful of compliments for how I look, asked where my dress is from or where I found my bag.

Then as the following Friday arrives, I will do it all again, likely erasing any information or outfit inspiration from the previous weekend from my memory.

It's not just what I wear either. I will genuinely love and compliment your shoes on an evening, but in reality I remember around ten outfits from the past year that friends and family have worn.

What I do remember instead is the times we shared together.

I remember trips down to Cornwall, throwing ourselves into the sea and eating delicious and incredible seafood from a rocky hill above a bay. Ask me about my outfit for that evening though and I will only be able to return a blank unknowing stare in your direction.

I remember the trip to Croatia with my best friends and what we ate, talked about and the boat trips we went on but I can't remember what any of us wore.

Instagram, instant photographs and social media has made it much easier to keep momentums of what we wear each and every day. Without these prompts though, what would we remember?

So what now?

Now I am not suggesting we all stop putting together new outfits for events. I love it, you probably love it. However what I am suggesting is we move away from this culture of only wearing something once. We don't need a new dress for every Friday social event, when we have plenty already lining the rails of our wardrobes.

You looked good in it last month, I am betting you will still look amazing in it tomorrow.

And guess what, since living minimally accessories are my new best friend. A black dress is a black dress but it can be worn in so many ways. Change your shoes, belt, earrings or jacket. Even a different makeup and hair style does wonders for change.

The average British woman spends more than £500,000 on fashion over a lifetime. Think about what we might also waste. How often do you have a closet clear out, or feel like you are donating a top you wore two or three times?

Imagine what that money could do for you.

Personally, I am happy to wear the same capsule wardrobe for years if it means a portion of that goes towards travelling and seeing the world instead.


No matter how hard I try, I don't remember what I wore last month. I can barely remember my best friend's outfits, and I struggle to picture my husbands' past looks.

What I do remember is the incredible evenings we share together over dinner and too many glasses of wine.

So here it is, my money is going on the things I will remember for years to come rather than that fast-fashion impulse buy pair of Friday shoes.

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