28/07/2017 10:10 BST | Updated 28/07/2017 10:11 BST

Top Tips On Accessorising Your Summer Outfits

Now that summer is here, many women will be investing in new summer clothes that are vibrant, colourful, and lightweight. There are some great outfit options out there this season, so whether you want to create a formal look, a casual one, or something in between, you will find plenty of choices. However, it is always important to remember the finer details when it comes to fashion, which means ensuring that you complement your summer outfits with the perfect accessories.

Key accessories you need to invest in

There are a number of key accessories that will enable you to create the perfect finished look no matter what the occasion. When it comes to summer accessories the key is to opt for subtlety - you don't want to take all of the focus off the outfit by going over the top with your accessories. Some of the main accessory categories you need to look at include:

• Bags: A bag is a vital accessory, as it is both practical and makes a statement in terms of fashion. There are many different styles and types of bags you can opt for, and you should base your choice on both personal preference and the type of outfit or occasion. For example, if you are heading out in a cool, casual outfit for a day of shopping then opt for a trendy tote bag. If you are planning a glamorous summer night out, you could go for a clutch bag, as these are very big this season. They have been made increasingly popular by the likes of Kate Middleton and other members of the Royal Family.

• Jewellery: Another vital accessory to complete your outfit is investing in the right jewellery. Again, you should avoid going for items that are overpowering in terms of their design, as otherwise it will take the attention off the outfit and may look over the top for this season. You should buy jewellery that is subtle yet eye-catching and you should keep it down to the basics rather than trying to wear as much jewellery as possible.

• Footwear: It is essential to buy the right footwear for the summer, which means looking for something that not only looks good and complements your outfit but is also practical and comfortable. If you are heading to a special night out or event, you can go for strappy sandals with kitten heels, as these look elegant but also offer comfort and breathing space for your feet. For casual days out, jelly sandals are making a comeback or you can simply opt for a pair of comfortable sneakers to wear with cropped trousers or jeans.

The other thing to remember is that you can get great deals on accessories these days. This makes it easier and more affordable to purchase a number of different styles to go with different outfits. However, it is also worth looking for accessories that are versatile enough to match a variety of different summer fashions.