14/11/2014 06:23 GMT | Updated 14/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Three Reasons Why We Need to Connect With Our Wombs

This may be either controversial or surprising to a majority of women, and I admit that if I had been told this type of thing years ago I would have probably been surprised, too.

Today I'm standing up fully for this message and I will explain why.

To start with, I will say that a womb is not only for delivering babies. It is your centre of power as a woman. If you don't have children and not planning to have them, there is still so much power you can access from it and allow the connection with your womb to support you.

So how does it work?

Well, the facts are that the womb has got an ability to create and support a new life for the whole 9 months, the power of creation is massive, and everyone who experienced giving birth or at least assisted with one will admit that seeing a new life coming to this world is a mind-blowing experience.

Those are good enough reasons to look closely at this magical place. So, whatever you are, a baby person or not, you can use your womb power to give yourself an extra support and to help you create whatever you want to create in your life.

First reason

As modern women, we live mainly in our heads, overthinking, analysing, worrying and then desperately looking for solutions for how to stop over-thinking. As long as we live in our heads it will not happen (oh I too was a victim of overthinking and didn't believe there was hope, so read on). We need to drop in to our bodies and connect with them. Be present with them. Feel them and open to them. Be in the body more than in our heads. The body is a fantastic and well-designed system that can guide us, support us and help us feel grounded. When we feel that, we are automatically thinking less and in general we are more present, and this is what we are not enough of these days. How can this be helpful?

Well, when you need to make a decision, instead of drowning in the thousands of possibilities the mind is coming up with, you can feel your body and see how different options feel. Some people call this intuition, some inner guidance, I just believe that the body knows better. If it feels good, go for it, if it doesn't, don't. Some people connect with the belly, but I am a woman and I was given a different body than a man so will make a use of that. I go to the womb and feel the feeling or simply ask. I always get the answer by the way.

Second reason

The second aspect of connecting with your body and your womb is the fact that your womb is there, pulsating and ready to help you. It is not asleep, it works every day, following the wisdom of life cycle. On top of that, your womb possesses many answers to the questions you have been asking yourself, and as strange as it may seem, believe me, there is a lot your womb can tell you. I have witnessed very sceptical women connecting with their wombs during our sessions and being shocked that actually, yes there is something very unique and nourishing in relating to that place. They also often say that connecting with the womb brings an amazing comfort, presence and feeling of being supported, which is so different from our everyday mode of over-thinking and analysing and trying to survive the modern madness.

It's not to say that you live in your body and that is all, but it's to say that you live in your body and your mind is your servant. You don't feel trapped in your mind any more. You are centred and your mind can assist you in creating what you want to create.

Third reason

The third reason why I think we need to connect with our womb is that there is a lot of healing potential in our wombs. We are often victims of the social conditioning that says how we should look, what we should be like, that leads us to never feeling good enough. When you connect with your womb, you experience lots of self-acceptance and self-validation that can only come from within, and guess what? Will you follow messages from the media if you're feeling deliciously good with yourself? No. And this is often when you get your freedom back as a woman.

For years I had been struggling with PMS, to the point I was even given a warning at work for nasty behaviour. Unfortunately, my PMS lasted up to 2 weeks and nothing could help. Since I started an adventure with my womb, by PMS is gone. On some occasions it may last a day or half, but that is all. It didn't happen in a day but it was worth to make a daily or at least weekly effort to connect with the centre of my feminine power.

I really believe that the secret to women finishing their struggles as women is to connect with their centres and own the power that comes from there. I say YES to my womb and I invite you to say YES to yours. Or at least say 'hello' to start with.