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How to Build a Supportive Feminine Tribe in the Workplace

There is so much we women can offer, we have gifts deeply hidden in ourselves and they just need our willingness to open up to them.

There is so much we women can offer, we have gifts deeply hidden in ourselves and they just need our willingness to open up to them.

What I find often stands in the way of it is firstly that we were conditioned to think that women are weak. Secondly because there is an inner disagreement to to feeling weak in ourselves and instead of doing something about that we often take it out on other women.

I found that there is a lot of competition and judgement of other women. We are harsh on each other and it's time to stop and build a supportive tribe instead. Time to bring powers together and create.

How do we build a tribe?

1. Open up and acknowledge each other.

Acknowledging what we value and admire about each other. Recognising and saying that.

Even simple complementing and acknowledging qualities of other women with authenticity is a beautiful way of connecting with them. Remember jealousy is the killer of connection.

Acknowledging others has a profound impact on you as when you recognise something in others it is because it is within you too.

2. Own your projections.

Things we criticise or judge other women for are very often a reflection of our own insecurities. Deal with it. It is yours. When you look honestly at it you will see that it is not about others, it is really about you so face it and learn from it.

3. Learn from others.

Allowing yourself to admit that there will be women who know more than you, who are more successful and the opposite. We are all on our own paths, each at a different stage. There is no need to compete. Go at your own pace. Allow us to learn from others and don't take this as ''I'm not good enough" thinking. We must drop this conditioning that has been passed on to us as it is not true. We are all more than enough.

4. Recognize that deep down we all want the same things .

Treat other women as sisters, in the true essence we are all the same. We long for similar things and want to feel loved, accepted, valued and recognised. Let us give this to each other. When you acknowledge and empower one woman she will pass this on. A ripple effect will take place.

5. Be vulnerable.

Share what you feel and show you are a human being. Be perfect in being not perfect. Women hide themselves away when they feel emotional and judge themselves for being weak. All of us feel this at some point. I think we should instead meet each other, share how we really feel and hold each other. We don't want to offload on others and we often think that people have their own problems, but the truth is that when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and share, we give others permission to do the same. There is so much power in being authentic and bold. Power to create a real connection and also arising power within yourself to stand up and say how you feel. We all secretly long for it, so its time. Being honest and communicate clearly with no hidden meanings and hiding truth. Not being authentic with each other will not take us far.

6. Open that creative flow.

Brainstorm with each other and listen to each others ideas. Support each other's projects etc. Even if it is something extraordinary, something that has never been done before. Feel it ladies. If a woman will follow her calling or mission and will feel support of others she will rock. Imagine what is possible if we all feel empowered?

7. Ask for help.

Support each other but also ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness. It takes courage to ask for it but it is worth it. When you need a support ask for it, don't pretend it is fine. When you feel another woman may be in need offer help. No more sitting alone, forcing yourself to be like a man and beating each other up for not being as we think we ''should be''.

Remember we are all perfect in being not perfect.

I have coached hundreds of women, and they shared with me their stories. That is why I know it is time to inspire and support each other so we can all work in more supportive environments. Until we are able to rock totally in the way we are with qualities we have we won't be able to co-create with men as we could. That is why I think the first task is to recognise the greatness in ourselves and other women. The rest will fall into place.