Why We Need More Feminine Qualities in the Workplace

For years I worked in the places without feminine qualities and I had enough of it. In those places there is a lack of a real connection, understanding, acknowledging and supporting each other. It's time for a change.

For years I worked in the places without feminine qualities and I had enough of it. In those places there is a lack of a real connection, understanding, acknowledging and supporting each other.

It's time for a change.

A person who does not feel seen, heard or appreciated will not thrive. A person who doesn't feel his or her ideas are important to people they report to will shut themselves for any growth, and the ones that are heard and are given a chance to contribute and say what they think may thrive and show their potential. Workplaces with mainly masculine qualities such as competition, logic, hierarchy and analysing are not necessarily supportive to the growth of an individual. At least not a holistic growth.

Why? Because a human has an unlimited potential, and with the right supportive environment will rock the role and the business. If there is the right support and collaboration in place the individual can be enabled to bloom into their full potential.

I have been working in different organisations where the qualities I will talk about were not always present.

What effect did this have? I didn't feel seen, heard or valued. I felt like my potential was being stifled. Of course I didn't progress either. People see that you have something to offer and they can feel threatened, including men and women. I was underpaid too, which shouldn't surprise anyone.

Sooner or later a person who works for such an organisation shrinks inward and away from reaching their full potential. This often results in them leaving, as I have done, when it is not necessary.

How does this all link to feminine qualities? In my experience we underestimate Feminine qualities instead of recognising and bringing them to the workplace. I do believe they are the missing link to creating a thriving business with thriving employees. Feminine qualities are the opposite of a competitive or self-orientated approach. They are very much about collaboration. Women thrive on connection and relationships, on top of many other qualities.

Let me go through the main qualities which I believe are needed in the modern work places.

Empowering others

Women naturally empower others . A feminine woman wants to see others succeed as she doesn't take this as a threat. She stands in her own power and is confident about her own abilities as well as others.

Awareness of emotions

Showing that you are an emotional being shows your employees that you are human too, and that gives them permission to be human too. If you experience a difficult time and share it with your manager, and she acknowledges the emotions you are feeling and is able to empathise, in turn she can better support you in that difficult time.

Creative approach

Women are not that linear in their thinking like men, we can open ourselves to many possibilities and we are able to see them. A woman knows that to come up with something creative she has to often trust the unknown.


The woman is a powerful being; she has a power to create what she decided to create no matter what. Feminine doesn't mean weak. It is the complete opposite. The woman who owns her feminine power will focus all her energy to accomplish things while embracing others and creating authentic connection.


Women are more in tuned with their intuition than men. They are more willing to listen to the internal guts and the signs their body gives them.It is important women realize that over thinking, analysing and planning doesn't necessary support them. There is more powerful place to get an energy and wisdom from and it is their bodies.


Empathy is a big one. It helps us to connect with others, to see them, hear them and feel them. This is the best quality of women. For women who embrace their qualities it is easier to support others, as they can tune into how they feel.

A need to connect

Women naturally want to connect, collaborate, and create together. And we really need this quality, we have to come back together, create together, share, respect and acknowledge each other. Feminine woman doesn't need to be bossy as she holds her greatness within herself.


A feminine woman is on a mission to create something fulfilling, to add meaningful aspects to the work she does. Deep down we all want to do things that make us feel human, that help us to feel connected, needed.


A woman who embraces her feminine qualities is open to ideas, respects other points of view, she is not threatened by others as she doesn't think she is the only one who knows.

So I think that women should be welcomed with open arms in the businesses and organisations. They should be welcomed as a transformative potential entering an organization.

The trick is for women to first recognise what they have in themselves. No one teaches us how to embrace the fact that we are different, and we are different for a reason. We can all complement each other. Men and Women.

And this is not a manifesto which aims to attack men, I think they do the best they can but out of fear of the feminine and judgement they hold on to they don't allow themselves to join and collaborate with them easily. That makes them often not approachable bosses, who seem to show that they rule the world. Well they don't. But We-together, we run the world. As women we are here not to threaten you or take your position away. We are here to unfold our gifts, different qualities and own our feminine power. We are here to co-create with you, to be appreciated for our differences, to allow you to rock with your qualities.

I think this vision is a vision of the balanced world, of a world that is whole.

Wouldn't that be amazing?

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