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Six Feminine Ways to Survive and Flourish in Business

When a woman joins a business, whether that is a corporate business or a small company, she has a choice to adapt and conform to the majority of people there (read men) or to stay herself and bring her gifts while remaining in tune with who she is...

When a woman joins a business, whether that is a corporate business or a small company, she has a choice to adapt and conform to the majority of people there (read men) or to stay herself and bring her gifts while remaining in tune with who she is.

The first option will not necessarily lead to flourishing. We are different and that means we may have different ways of working. So read on and if that resonates with you, take it on board.

1. Ask for help

When you feel overwhelmed with work, you probably do everything it takes and more to complete all tasks. Staying extra hours, thinking about the solutions while almost asleep in bed, pushing yourself more and more. Unfortunately it often leads to burn outs at a certain point. I have been in both of those scenarios and what I learnt is that I don't have to do it all by myself and do it all perfectly. I know that asking for help is frightening, as you probably think that people will think you can't cope or you are not good enough but, how do you know it's true? Maybe it is only your fear of rejection and need to prove you are good enough. Don't let this conditioning lead you to a crisis at some point. Plus asking for help is inviting more collaboration, right? And be honest-simple as that. Say what you need, you will be surprised how often the other person will recognize and cherish the authenticity in you. We all long for it and secretly want to stop playing the pretending game and just be honest. You will automatically show others that they have a right to ask for the help too!

2. Don't force yourself if you feeling run down.

Tune in with yourself and see how you feel, if you feel run down I really think that the last thing you should do is to push it more. And I say this because I have seen many people, who by the age of 35, had already had a nervous breakdown and guess what - it takes years to bring yourself back to a normal state again. Our nervous system and body are powerful but they are quite sensitive too. Sometimes it's just not worth sacrificing them for the task that has to be completed on time and a month later everyone will have forgotten about it anyway.

3. Get out of your head.

While working in a high pressure and demanding environment it's easy to get trapped in the over thinking head. What I found very balancing is creating a ME time during the day. Going for a lunch by yourself and staying somewhere quiet will help you to restore your energy, reconnect with yourself and feel where you are at. If you will not create yourself a time to step away from the madness you will run on automatic without even noticing that your engine is run down. By the way, women centre of power is the body, the mind is the servant. Not all the way around but that's the topic for another time.

4. Be brave-speak from the place of passion and creativity.

When working in a male orientated rational environment, we often think that there is no space for passionate or creative ideas. Well you would be surprised. I heard from many women I encounter on my path, how uncomfortable it was to suppress the passion about particular idea out of fear of being seeing as not serious enough or emotional. But when they took the leap and spoke from the heart, with enthusiasm and passion men brought it too. I think this aliveness that comes from the heart and creative place within is really missing in those boars rooms. And that means that there is an arena for you to show up and play, so honour your ideas!

5. Anything you do make sure it is not out of the need to prove your self-worth.

Women thrive on connection, we often play it cool and become a Yes Woman to be accepted and prove that we are good enough. I urge you to recognise it if this is the case and pull this weed out! You are there to shine, to progress, to enjoy working and achieving but not to prove anything to anyone. When you start working from the place of confident you, your success will come naturally and will be like a cherry on the top. But you are the cake already don't you forget it.

6. Recognise yourself.

If you don't feel recognised and valued enough, waiting for it will hardly change anything. Step up and recognise yourself. This is a very first step. Once you recognise yourself for all your skills and abilities you will know what to do, you will either ask for that promotion or more money or decide to move on to something new. Make sure that you stand up for your abilities and accomplishments, present them to the people who are in charge and show them the value you bring. Don't ever think that shrinking and patiently waiting for recognition will take you far. The more confidently you will stand up for yourself the more recognition you will expedience as the result of it.

And the last thing I would add is to not treat your job as if your life depends on it. I saw too many people being burnt out, falling into anxiety trap and making up for it with food or any other addictions. I know it is important to keep it, obviously we have mortgages to pay and we have to survive in this money orientated world, but I would say that the attitude we will approach the job with will either lead us to feeling trapped and fearful or to actually enjoy our work and treat it as an arena for growth and progress in a more holistic and organic way.