08/04/2014 08:32 BST | Updated 07/06/2014 06:59 BST

How Would You Like to See Yourself in a Year's Time?

If you were to look ahead one year, how would you like to see yourself? Would you like to see you exactly the same as you are now, or are there some slight, or even major, changes you would like to make to your behaviour, your look, your attitude or something else?

In a year's time I see for me:

My relationship with myself looks pretty good at the moment. I treat myself with respect and gratitude and take notice of the good thoughts and endeavour to ignore the not so good thoughts. I can always improve on my relationship with myself and that is an ongoing process.

My thoughts are generally positive but occasionally a negative thought will creep in. I work with affirmations and positive quotes to boost the positive and reduce the negative.

My relationship with my husband is fantastic, we love and respect each other and make each other laugh. We are good friends as well, which I believe is vital in a stable relationship.

My relationship with my mother is good, we see each other fairly regularly. We talk on the phone often and know we can rely on each other to be there. She is 90 years old now and I want to see this relationship continue for many years to come.

My father passed away fifteen years ago but he is always in my heart and mind.

My relationship with two of my children is virtually non-existent (this is their choice which I respect although it is not what I would choose) and my relationship with the third child is quite long distance and variable. All my children are grown up with families of their own. I would like to see these relationships improve.

My physical health is pretty good, I am slightly overweight and making an effort to change this and I currently feel great. Eating properly and at regular times is a challenge due to my lifestyle. I would like to see a regular eating pattern.

My finances are reasonably okay, but could of course be a lot better. My bank account is in the black and the cash flow is constant and I keep it controlled. I would like to see my bank balance grow.

My business world consists of coaching, I am self-employed and an entrepreneur. I am the business. I love my work and meeting so many different types of people. I would like to work with more people.

I am peaceful in my life, asking the Universe for what I desire, although I realise I could ask more often. The Universe does work with me and provides signs and opportunities which I choose to notice. Some of the opportunities I follow up, some are not for me at the present time. Knowing which to follow comes with experience.

Currently I don't meditate. I would like this to be a regular activity.

For fun I work at several festivals and trade by offering Indian head massage to all the punters at the festivals. They enjoy the massage and I get to meet many different people. I would like this to continue.

I take time for myself every day, even if it is only 5 minutes.

Now it is your turn.

Take a few moments to think about your life one year from now. What would you like to see differently? More importantly, what are you prepared to do to bring about the changes your foresee?

Write down your answers, put a deadline on them, they then become goals.