Change must come, and the time for reform is now
To the outside world, my body sort of looks the same as it did before. But I can pinpoint every little addition. The faint stretch marks around my saggy middle, the new shape of my bellybutton, the episiotomy scar, the weird uneven nipples, bigger hips and so on.
Now, I am in a different place, thankfully. For how long? Who knows. And there might come a time, sooner or later, when the term sabbatical feels more appropriate and necessary than it feels now.
Although nostalgia can tread a fine balance of living in the past and the future, and has its dangers. It is a wonderful way of stopping in the hustle and bustle of life, where those little moments of joy are so easily forgotten, and self-doubt and anxiety cripples us from looking forward. Reflecting on the past helps us to withstand the unknowns of change and create courage and hope for our futures.
Showing up as a better version of yourself is a journey of progress not perfection. There will be times when your default appears despite your best intentions, but over time you can more effectively rewrite the script and show up as a better version of yourself. I choose to be Unfazed Paul, who is it you'd rather be?
As we move closer together on this contracting globe, as we encounter difference more and more, and open our eyes, ears, taste buds and hearts to other cultures, I feel that the way we care about others truly deserves some attention.
Research has broken the sound barrier. Research has produced plants that can tolerate drought. Research has made space exploration a feasible reality. Research makes the impossible, possible and one day, research will beat blood cancer.
Do you feel fulfilled on a daily basis? Not all day every day, because that's impossible, but at least part of the day?
If you're looking for a powerful tool to propel yourself into action, try writing things down! Just in case you needed some persuasion, here are 5 good reasons why writing things down could be your first action step to making changes
Making peace with another or in the world - we all talk about it. But are you at peace or at war with yourself? Do you know and do you care? Does it matter?