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Love Smoking? Don't Read This Then!

Smoking is known to cause a lot of physical transformations and is known to ruin the outside appearance of the person. If you want to know about some of the ways smoking can ruin your looks then you might want to check this out.

Smoking is known to cause a lot of physical transformations and is known to ruin the outside appearance of the person. If you want to know about some of the ways smoking can ruin your looks then you might want to check this out.

1. More Visceral Fat Anyone?

Smoking can make you have more visceral fat than a nonsmoker, making your stomach flabby. Cigarettes are known to help you lose weight which is why so many people on a diet choose to smoke. The loss of weight only adds to the fact that the smoking helps collect the visceral fat around such places as the abdomen. Visceral fat helps pad your internal organs but can also accumulate and put you at risk for other diseases like heart disease or diabetes.

2. More Stretch Marks Anyone?

Smoking also increases your risk for developing stretch marks on your skin which can ruin your looks pretty fast. Nicotine that is found in the cigarettes damages the fiber and connective tissues within your skin. When the nicotine damages these fibers and connective tissues your skin will lose elasticity and strength. Stretch marks can occur when someone gains weight in a short amount of time such as during pregnancy, but often fade over time. If you smoke, your body will not be able to overcome the stretch marks as easily and smoking can be a contributing factor for developing more stretch marks.

3. More Sexually Transmitted Diseases Anyone?

Warts are also another way that smoking can ruin your appearance and put you at risk for other medical conditions. A smoker is more susceptible to the human papilloma virus also known as HPV, a common type of sexually transmitted disease. It is unknown why a smoker is more susceptible to getting this virus but the correlation is obvious. The virus can live on your genitals as well as your mouth and anal areas and can cause serious medical problems if not treated. Having this virus can have long-lasting negative impacts on your health as well as your physical appearance and self-esteem.

4. More Dull Skin Anyone?

Smoking will also ruin your looks by taking away your natural glow and makes your skin appear duller. When you smoke, you displace the oxygen in your skin since cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide. The nicotine will reduce the blood flow which leaves your skin appearing dry and almost gray. Smoking cigarettes also voids many nutrients needed within the body including vitamin C which is an essential vitamin needed for skin repair and protection.

5. More Trips To The Dentist Anyone?

Smoking can also ruin your looks by the many dental problems caused by smoking. Smoking gives you a higher risk of developing dental problems such as gum disease, oral cancer and tooth loss. Smoking will also make your gums more sensitive putting you at risk for receding gums and gingivitis.

6. More Yellow Teeth Anyone?

Along with dental problems, smoking can also ruin your looks by giving you yellow teeth. Smoking contains nicotine which is a known ingredient that causes staining and yellowing of your teeth. You might brush your teeth five times throughout the day and still you could end up with yellow teeth. The yellow teeth can make you appear unkempt and can be construed as you do not have proper hygiene.

7. More Unsightly Nails Anyone?

Your smoking habit might also ruin your appearance by giving you yellow-tinted fingernails and fingers. Nicotine which is found in the cigarette smoke is commonly associated with yellow fingers and nails. Although there are remedies to getting rid of the yellow fingers and nails, as long as you smoke it will come back. The yellowing of your fingers and nails might give someone the impression you do not take care of yourself or wash your hands.

8. More Thin Hair Anyone?

Smoking can also make your hair thinner which can also hurt your appearance. The chemicals found in cigarette smoke are known to damage the DNA within the hair follicles and can generate cell-damaging radicals. A smoker will have thinner hair and there is a better chance they will have gray hair before a nonsmoking friend.

9. More Bags Under Your Eyes Anyone?

If you smoke you also might notice you have bags under your eyes, which can also ruin your looks. Smoking and the possible nicotine withdrawal you go through at night might be the source of the bags under your eyes. The restlessness of not having a smoke through the night might make you toss and turn more which will make you look tired. Smoking is more likely to make you feel tired the next morning and it causes those bags under your eyes to become darker.

10. More Ageing Anyone?

Smoking can also make you have premature aging and wrinkles which will ruin your appearance. Smoking increases the effects of aging even if you are a younger person who smokes. Typically, a smoker will look about one or two years older than they really are due to the aging and wrinkles on their skin. Smoking decreases the blood supply and oxygen throughout the blood which is responsible for healthy and young skin.