Smoking Cessation

Select committee's myth-busting report calls for more options to help people quit smoking.
The new perk is meant to compensate nonsmokers at the Japanese company for the time others spend taking the breaks.
'It is time for Government to take responsibility for this tragic situation'.
The Government has “urgent questions” to answer over whether the cuts to spending on drug treatment forced on councils by
Consuming e-cigarettes is far safer and less toxic than smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes, according to the findings
'People think games are frivolous, but we learn a lot through play.'
Every year, three million children are exposed to second hand smoke in a car. And every week, 200 of these children are made so unwell that they have to visit their GP with health complaints that are entirely preventable.
Smoking is known to cause a lot of physical transformations and is known to ruin the outside appearance of the person. If you want to know about some of the ways smoking can ruin your looks then you might want to check this out.
Smoking is seen ( by smokers) as a symbol of freedom, personal choice and a basic human right and the moment you tut at them to stop, all hell breaks loose. The more you tell them to quit the more they will smoke and that's a fact.
We all have a stake in helping people to quit smoking, because the chances are that each of us knows and cares about someone who smokes. Even though smoking is less widespread than it used to be, roughly one in five of us still smoke.