03/04/2014 08:19 BST | Updated 02/06/2014 06:59 BST

Alcohol Is Good for You?

Because who said drinking was bad for you?

Everywhere you walk there are campaigns plastered all over the street to warn you that you need to protect yourself...from yourself? Apparently, we need to tell our bad ass brains to stop consuming alcohol for a more long and prosperous life. But what is a life without alcohol?

Over the years, I have seen countless people preaching over the benefits of sobriety and of how wonderful life could be if you didn't have that teeny tiny beer after a hard days graft. Well, I'm here to tell you how drinking can be good for you mentally as well as physically.

Of course, moderation is key but you can get different health benefits from a range of drinks. For instance, Tequila dissolves fats according to and reduces levels of cholesterol. It is also said to have anti-depressant properties and cut the risk of dementia by 37%.

Back in the 1930s, Mexican doctors would prescribe Tequila for colds whilst further north, during the Prohibition; American doctors were prescribing Whiskey for high blood pressure and it still helps with an itchy cough.

Whiskey can help prevent cancer according to the Telegraph. I'm sure you've heard that a lot of things do, but this brown drink is high in anti-oxidants which help to assist in containing the growth of cancerous cells. According to Food to Fitness, it reduces the oxidation process in the body which results in a chemo like effect.

But one cannot simply have shots and shooters at lunch or a happy hell would break loose. So cue my favourite lazy day drink, cider. It has been considered for a long time in England to have health benefits. In now times, it has been proved that apple cider has the same amount of anti-oxidants as that charmingly healthy glass or red wine. A fermented apple a day may indeed keep that anti-alcohol doctor away and shamed.

As most of you may know, one glass of pure 100% fruit or vegetable juice constitutes as one of your five a day. So, with that in mind, cocktails like a Bloody Mary that is mainly tomato juice and vodka will help you reach your target amount of fruit and vegetables for the day. And alcohol in general has been known to lower diabetes by 30%-40%.

Cocktails are a wonderful invention for health benefits as you can add kicks to superfood smoothies or merely catch up on your calcium with a White Russian. With such a variety, there would be no excuse to get all the nutrients you need through drinking.

Many weight loss stories have always circle the land of liquor especially amongst girls. With the added knowledge that some spirits dissolve fats, maybe this is a new revelation in diets.

Weight will most likely be gained though if you're a larger drinker. A beer belly is a massive achievement in itself after years of drinking and should not be mocked.

Although I should mention again, that alcohol is to be drank responsibly and in moderation as none of the above will fail by default. Darn.