06/08/2013 18:18 BST | Updated 06/10/2013 06:12 BST

Calling All Online Animal Lovers


Firstly massive thanks for all the incredible support received so far for the PupAid puppy farming awareness campaign.

If it wasn't for you guys this wouldn't be a successful campaign/event and we really are all making a huge difference to improving animal welfare in the UK, helping rescue pets and promoting responsible breeding practices. But we've still a long way to go.

In June this year PupAid was mentioned and even congratulated in parliament by Labour's Luciana Berger MP:


This means we're now being recognised, taken seriously, we're the voice of abused animals and we're getting important air-time with the people that can (hopefully) make a difference.

As most of you will know we also have a government e-petition running at the moment. People power. We're asking the government to ban the sale of young puppies and kittens without their mothers being present, and to instead always insist on seeing mum interacting with pup/kitten, or consider adopting a rescue pet instead.

This simple law would make it virtually impossible to sell puppies (and kittens) born on puppy farms, i.e. via pet shops, dealers, private houses, free advertising listings, garden centres, motorway service stations, free delivery, etc, thus severing the demand and supply for these sick and diseased poorly pups.

And it's not un-achievable either. Already in 39 North American cities (incl. LA, Chicago, Toronto) they've successfully banned puppies and kittens as retail commodities in pet shops, instead opting for adoption days instead or just no pets at all; so there's really no excuse why this country can't follow suit.

That's where we need your help. In order for this law to be even considered we need 100,000 signatures for it to be discussed in parliament. So far we've collected over 47,000 signatures but what I really want is to stand there on Primrose Hill on 7 September surrounded by you guys - lovely dogs, public, supporters, sponsors, celebs, MPs, whoever... And say "We've done it!" - 100,000 signatures and we're off to parliament for the next step of the journey.

The DEFRA (government's) response we received after collecting 10,000 signatures was so weak, pathetic, spineless, and utterly predictable it didn't even deserve a reply, so basically we need to find another 52,000 animal loving signatures in just 4.5 weeks.

Now on paper that shouldn't be too difficult to achieve, after all there are over 20million pet owners in the UK, but letting them all know about the petition is slightly trickier. We've had some huge twitter help from animal loving celebs like Ricky Gervais, Brian May, and MPs like Luciana Berger, Caroline Lucas, Simon Kirby, Mark Pritchard, Simon Kirby too.

So if you and any pet-friendly businesses you know would like to be part of helping PupAid achieve 100,000 signatures by 7 September then please help us by some - or all - of the following ways:

- Tweet the link to the petition from every account you have, asking people to sign + RT. Tag us @PupAid and our hashtag #wheresmum so we can RT to our >15,000 followers and say thank you!

- Add petition link + puppy pic (see attached) to your FB page (work + personal) encouraging fans, supporters, friends, and family to sign + share.

- Share this post far and wide encouraging fellow animal lovers to sign and share too

- Send petition link to your e-mail databases via your e-newsletters. This has already proved hugely successful with Animal Friends Insurance, Viovet, and Monster Pet Supplies. Use the pic of the poor rescued breeding bitch below so she didn't suffer for nothing.

- Add petition link and and rescued puppy farm breeding bitch pic (below) to your FB page (work and personal) encouraging fans, supporters, friends, and family to sign and share. Medicanimal have done their own banner guaranteeing at least 15-20 signatures/hour just organically.

- Be proud you and your business/brand are actively helping bring in positive change for animals and fighting cruelty.

- Ask friends/family/other pet-friendly businesses/celebs you know to get involved with the campaign.

- Any other way you can think of to just get these extra signatures by 7 September!

Finally here's the petition link:

Some of you have huge databases/followings, this really is achievable. Proper team effort guys come on.

After all it's all to secure the safe and happy future of this country's pets.

Thanks again for all your support let's do this people!

Marc x