22/03/2016 07:05 GMT | Updated 22/03/2017 05:12 GMT

Help Put a Stop to Abuse of Those With Learning Disabilities

Verbally abusing anybody is wrong let alone harshly abusing those with disabilities or severe learning difficulties.

Something that has been bothering me lately more than anything are those who are publicly targeting Katie Price's son Harvey who has severe learning disabilities. Harvey has autism which also affects me but not as severely. As somebody myself who has autism, I often find it can be a struggle to be accepted within our society. It's often misunderstood by the public who aren't aware of Autism. However, it's still absolutely no excuse to target anybody who lives with any sort of disabilities.

How on earth can anybody have the right to mock people with learning disabilities is beyond me. It gives a damaging effect and more importantly increases their vulnerability. We should be accepted within our society, we're all human so why should we have to feel less accepted by those who don't have any clue on what It's like to live with disabilities.

I am hugely supporting Katie Price who's campaigning this matter and publicly shaming those who feel It's okay to mock people with disabilities or anybody with any sort of illness in that case. I am shocked by the amount of messages of abuse I read on a daily basis on Social Media, I actually feel considerably embarrassed to breathe the same air as those who think it's acceptable and hilarious to cause nothing but misery to especially humiliate a young child.

What annoys me the most is people using this as an excuse to gain more publicity and popularity including the majority of those on Twitter. Trolls who think it's clever when they're only being spiteful and showing no respect for our society whatsoever. It doesn't mean you become more accepted into our society, It makes you a disrespectful individual. Public discrimination should be made illegal and face punishment for excluding and making fun of people who are vulnerable and more importantly, defenceless of themselves.

As somebody like Katie Price being in the public eye and especially as a parent of a child with disabilities, I can't imagine the effect it's having on her emotionally and of course the family too. No parent wants to see their child being publicly harassed and abused. It must be uncomfortable to witness. It's absolutely unnecessary and understandably incredibly hurtful. Some say she's using this to gain media attention which I'm sure is ridiculously untrue. I'm sure Katie wouldn't use her child to gain media attention let alone want any of this abuse to carry on.