learning disabilities

Accessing high quality education is absolutely vital for every child, hearing or deaf. Yet on average, a deaf child falls
My eyes lit up – did Mr Young just compare kids, not unlike mine, to prehistoric cave dwellers?
15% of councils have just one specialist teacher for every 100 deaf students.
Since 2013 I've often felt like a lone-voice in the dementia world, talking about learning disability services and receiving blank expressions in return, so nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing so many others discovering the gem that is MacIntyre and being as impressed as I was four years ago.
The Government's bungling of a historic pay issue is threatening to destabilise the care sector and could also see hardworking, undervalued care staff lose out.
'Ignoring ADHD is a potential time bomb for these children.'
Mums and dads with children who are in the process of being assessed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are
Whenever we make mistakes, it is important that we take responsibility and set them right. When Government makes mistakes, it is essential that they do the same. This is particularly the case when the mistakes made by Government impact on vulnerable people or on an essential but fragile sector. I doubt anyone finds that a contentious thing to say - it's not hyper partisan or particularly controversial. And yet Government doesn't seem to agree.
Until such a robust strategy is in place - and VODG is committed to co-operating with any actions along these lines - the future is uncertain for a sector that millions of people rely on for essential support.