09/02/2017 06:07 GMT | Updated 10/02/2018 05:12 GMT

Trump May Regard The US Government As Entertainment


Donald Trump uses the word "enjoy" very often in his tweets, mostly when he is about to be interviewed about political issues. This has made me wonder whether he subconsciously links the US Government with entertainment.

The 70-year-old Republican has worked in the TV, so entertainment is in his blood and some habits cannot be forgotten. So, it is possible that he thinks accordingly with the rules of what he did during the period he was a television personality. Besides, being expert in something, is doing that something many years. Then, it is difficult to erase it from your mind. This might be the reason Trump doesn't look like all the other US Presidents. This is new to him and obviously he needs time to adjust.

The sure thing is that the US Government is not a game. You cannot play with it. It needs seriousness and responsibility, like business. Trump has succeeded in business and this is a hope. But when he is about to give an interview, the blond billionaire urges the public to enjoy his interview, in which he is about to talk about serious issues! It is as if he reckons that people watch the news while eating pop corn or drinking coke! Some people might do it, but normally this happens at the cinema. Trump demolishes the bounds of the acceptable and the non-acceptable, but he is a winner in his life and this could save him in the end.

All this 'war' against him has made me sympathize with him. I don't know him, I don't know if he is corrupted, a bad person, a liar, unbalanced or evil. I don't know if he hasn't got worth. And I will never know, because I will never be able to be in the position to witness those things. And I don't care to know something I myself cannot confirm. No one should care about this. I acknowledge that he is irritating and strict, but I only know what I see. That Trump has rights, and among them is to govern. I am against the cruelty around his name, whatever person he might be. I even felt pity for him. It is inhuman. I admire his power and his strong will. I admire that he managed to win the US Elections against all odds. He might not be perfect, but he achieves his targets and this is admirable if it is aligned with morality.

At the end of the day, what is life? A beautiful journey. Why must we take it so seriously and not enjoy every moment of it? Why not let any person have his chance in anything he desires? Why not do exactly the things that we want because they are considered as inappropriate or forbidden? Why not vanish the hate and forgive? Why not follow our dreams and make them reality? Why not become Presidents? Because there is the evil, which tries to impose ugliness. Those beauties would be possible in the perfect world, in the paradise, where all wishes come true. But still it is nice to think of them as a possibility. I wish all people could pursue them in this world. Trump seems to be one of the few people who are doing it.