06/05/2015 12:48 BST | Updated 05/05/2016 06:59 BST

They Were Right Russell - You Are a Complete Phoney

And that was that.

In one 90-second diatribe, Russell Brand, leader of 'the revolution', went from Che Guevara to Peter Mandelson.

For those of us who had been trying to forgive the unnecessary flowery language, self promotion and give him the benefit of the doubt, it was akin to discovering George Galloway is really working for the CIA.

We had listened carefully to his not-very-carefully-chosen words and could feel his frustration in among all the four-syllable adverbs... or so we thought. Ours is a world where voting does not make a difference, especially when it comes to the really big issues.

We thought Mr Brand had worked it out. He had done his research and correctly determined that, regardless of whether its Labour or the Conservatives in power, some things are just beyond the control of politicians. He had correctly deduced that governments of any colour work for the 1% and not the other 99.

But then came the announcement that the real problem was the Tories so 'vote Labour', apart from in Brighton Pavilion where you should 'vote Green' because that Caroline Lucas is lovely. Don't vote green in Norwich South or Bristol West, where the Greens have a chance of winning, just vote for Caroline.

After years of sticking to his guns all it took was one visit from Ed Miliband to convince him. All those days of research and reflections were a waste of time. A few passionate 'ain't gunna happens' from the Labour leader and our Russell was the most prominent member of the #milifandom club.

As 90-second speeches went it was breathtakingly ill thought out and allowed every right-wing reactionary to mumble self congratulations under their breath: 'I knew he was a Labour ****. Those arty types are so flaky. Change their minds as often as they change their girlfriends'. Not only that, all those people who did not register to vote, because Russell said it was not worth it, now can't anyway because they have missed the deadline. I can only assume the man himself is in that category.

Of course we had had the warning signs. In December he made a high-profile appearance on Question Time with Nigel Farage. One audience member challenged Brand to stand for parliament if he was that bothered and the normally unflappable film star looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. He eventually managed to blurt out something along the lines of: "Mate I can't because I would become one of them if I did that."

Well... quite!

The only good news is, despite what Labour's leading election strategists might think, this will not lead to a significant swing to toward the red team. For those of us who were previously sympathetic to Brand's broad view we will now just dismiss everything he says. It is Gerald Ratner squared. If the comic had a credibility rating among the millions of politically disillusioned Brits it has sunk to -99. The only people who will stick with him are his sycophants and despite his 58 gazillion Twitter followers, there can't be many who are old enough to vote.

For those who are committed to radical overhaul of the political system, Brand has always been a bit of an uncomfortable 'supporter'. We were never 100% convinced and we will carry on regardless - By backing Labour he clearly does not get it. When he talked about the power of corporations subverting governments it was obviously just for show.

Russell, we know they are basically the same party. We know that because we have read their manifestos and still have the ability to join the dots. We remember what Labour were like before.

Not long after he became Labour leader, I remember watching Tony Blair on Jonathan Dimbleby's TV show and feeling elated to hear a politician talking my language. The rhetoric was extraordinarily bold and the performance mesmerising.

I suspect, like many, I was suckered in by Blair and by how he let us all down. Of course I might be wrong but expect an emotional outpouring of grief from Brand in two or three years about how Miliband did the same to him.

Russell... the changes you claim to want to see... 'it ain't gunna happen'.