caroline lucas

Caroline Lucas said refusing to answer urgent questions was "essentially abusing the procedures of this House".
The Green Party MP and Tory backbencher clash over the government’s crackdown on migration.
Immigration minister Robert Jenrick confirmed that 200 asylum-seeking children are currently missing from temporary hotels.
Labour's Imran Hussain and Green MP Caroline Lucas were interrupted by the Speaker while being heckled by the Tory benches.
“And the trouble is judge, jury and court is all the prime minister," the Green MP said on Question Time.
Anne-Marie Trevelyan also fought against wind farm developments in her rural constituency in northern England.
A legal action has been launched against the government over its failure to disclose details of its spending.
We don’t need a dressed up New Deal – we need a Green New Deal, and this isn’t it, Caroline Lucas writes.
Over the past two months, people in Britain have made tremendous sacrifices to protect each other and particularly our most vulnerable citizens, Caroline Lucas writes.
Sometimes it takes a sudden change to make you realise just how bad things were, but a green shift won't happen by default, writes Caroline Lucas MP.