13/12/2013 07:57 GMT | Updated 11/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Meaningless Political Speeches Translated Through Sign Language

Controversial interpreter Thamsanqa Jantjie has confirmed his sign language at the Nelson Mandela memorial was "100% intentional".

Jantjie insisted that he was simply conveying, through the use of mime art, the cynicism which surrounds modern politics.

He said: "Most of the politicians treated the event as a PR exercise rather than a funeral.

"When they took to the stage to make speeches, I used the power of sign language to represent political apathy together with the verbose nonsense which was being articulated.

"Whether people understood it or not - I don't care - I am an artist who should not have to explain his work."

There have also been suggestions that Jantjie is in fact a complete moron who couldn't sign his way out of a children's charade game.

However, a spokesperson for the event also confirmed that many of the politicians present were not nice people.

"It is true that many public figures attending didn't care about Mandela while he was imprisoned, and were only using his memorial as a giant networking event.

"Never before have we witnessed so many people who have forgotten how to engage in conversation which is not fuelled by lies and self-interest."