08/07/2011 05:24 BST | Updated 06/09/2011 06:12 BST

Andy Coulson's Moment of Truth

Good day Andy Coulson!

You must be oh so very proud today.

Rupert Murdoch - the tyrannical mogul you served for nineteen years from your first Fleet Street "journalistic" experience working on The Sun until you resigned in disgrace from the editorship of The News Of The World in 2007 - has ratted you out.

Your brown-nosed loyalty to Murdoch has brought you absolutely nothing. For two decades you carried water for him, his greed and his political agenda. Now to save his precious News International takeover of BSkyB, his company shares and the woman he dare not fire (Rebekah) you have been thrown to the wolves.

Perhaps you want your wife and two kids to see you in prison for your misdeeds. I doubt it.

You have one chance to save yourself.

Reveal to the police everything you know about Murdoch, Wade and the entire rotten state of News International.

Sing like a canary. An Essex-born, Tory-voting, shallow, callow canary.

Perhaps you'll be able to cut a deal.

I know you're feeling that that might be a very shameful thing to do. But you'll get over that. You already have your part in the election of David Cameron on your conscience. Next to that, fingering the Dirty Digger and Rebekah Wade-Brooks for their great contributions to the elevation of British journalism will be a breeze...

Let me know how it goes sonny.