06/01/2017 06:09 GMT | Updated 07/01/2018 05:12 GMT

Are You Considering A New Year, New (Teaching) Career?

January is the month of fresh starts and resolutions. The beginning of a New Year tends to make us reflect on our ambitions and challenges we want to achieve, particularly in our working lives. We look to kick bad habits and anything that makes us unhappy, in favour of a more positive path.

In fact, Google searches for 'new job' and 'CV templates' peak in the first month of the year, as do mentions on social media platforms about the search for a new career. It's also interesting that after the Christmas break many people look for options that might give them more of a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction, jobs that will make them feel good about themselves.

Therefore, it is understandable that more people look towards teaching in January too. Figures from the Get into Teaching campaign show that last January they received just over 21,000 registrations of interest, including 14,000 from people currently working in other fields. In my opinion, teaching definitely ticks the fulfilment and satisfaction boxes.

Changing careers is a big decision for anyone and not something that is decided on a whim. There are many elements to consider and weigh up, particularly with regards to how a new career may fit into your life. Yet, the grass really can be greener. Some people that switch into teaching have always considered it in the back of their minds, but, for whatever reason, their career path took a different direction. Last year, saw the highest number of people aged 30 or over start their initial teacher training in the last five years. Also, this year you could get a £25,000 tax-free bursary to train as a teacher.

As the new term gets into full swing, I'm so excited to see what it has in store for my pupils, and to watch them enjoy, understand, and excel in my lessons. Less than a third (31%) of non-teachers feel they have the opportunity to inspire people every day - compared to two thirds (68%) of teachers. I feel very lucky and privileged that I'm able to claim the latter.

If people are not feeling fulfilled in their current role, they may wish to shake off the January blues by considering teaching and taking their skills and experience into the classroom. It may be that you want to read up on it via the Get into Teaching website, talk to those already in the teaching profession or look to gain some experience in a school setting and working with young people. All these options could make it onto your resolutions list for 2017!

I absolutely love being a teacher. The moments I get to be part of - for example when something clicks for a pupil for the first time - are priceless. I'm proud of the job I do each day and enjoy working with students in Sheffield to achieve their potential. I'm also grateful that I have the opportunity to work in a subject area I really enjoy, which allows me to keep learning and developing too.

I'd advise other people who are looking for a rewarding career change to consider teaching - especially if you like working with young people, are interested in a subject area or are keen to find a career path with a wide range of opportunities.

Teaching always has been and always will be my way of tackling those January blues, and it could be yours too.