28/10/2015 09:57 GMT | Updated 28/10/2016 06:12 BST

Amanda Platell's Wish For People to Stop Skinny Shaming the Duchess of Cambridge Is a Lesson in Breathtaking Hypocrisy

Listen up everyone, Amanda Platell has a message for us all.

The Daily Mail columnist wants us all to stop being so mean and nasty about the Duchess of Cambridge, aka 'poor Kate' (her words).

Got that?

Following her appearance on the red carpet at the James Bond Spectre world premiere in London on Monday evening, Amanda was left aghast at the 'armies of whispering Kate critics who, fingers itching, rushed to vent their bile online'.

"For pity's sake," she writes in her latest Daily Mail column. "Leave her alone."

The bile Amanda refers to ranged from questions about *gasp* whether Kate was wearing a bra, to her weight.

The irony that Amanda is calling out the sort of trolls that litter the MailOnline's comments section won't be lost on anyone with half a brain, but the double standards and hypocrisy from the journalist herself is really quite breathtaking.

Not a day goes by without the Mail skinny shaming some celeb or another, whether it's thinly-veiled ('Super slim Cheryl Fernandez-Versini looks skinnier than ever') or subtle as a brick ('Through thick and thin: As Cheryl steps out looking worryingly thin, we chart how her size has always reflected the stresses and strains of life').

And whilst Amanda didn't write those particular headlines, it was only a few months ago that she wrote an entire column dedicated to skinny shaming Amal Clooney.

Under the headline 'Why Mrs Clooney is disappearing before our eyes: Amal and how scary-skinny is the new hallmark of success', Amanda not only reduces the human rights lawyer to simply being the wife of a Hollywood actor, she goes on to admit that whilst the stories about her weight were 'unpleasant' (well done), she also informs us that we 'cannot ignore the fact she seems to be disappearing before our eyes.'

She added: "Even on her wedding day, the white trouser suit she wore billowed in the wind to reveal a woman who had shrivelled in the half-year before she tied the knot to Mr Clooney."

Despite initially dressing her column up as a reaction to what some other publications were writing about Amal's weight, it didn't take long for her to take aim at other high profile stars too.

'Thin as a broomstick' Taylor Swift 'looks as though she's taken the straightening tongs not just to her hair but to her entire body', is just one other example.

And just for good measure, there was fat shaming too, referring to Sarah Ferguson as 'the Princess of Pork'.

So what, pray tell Amanda, is the difference between Kate and Amal? Or Taylor? Or Cheryl? Why is it ok to skinny shame one, but not the other?

It's certainly not a royal privilege as far as I know.

"Rather than criticising [Kate], surely we should all try to understand," Amanda concludes.

Or, simply replace 'Kate' with 'women' in that sentence, Amanda.

Just a thought.