08/06/2016 07:27 BST | Updated 09/06/2017 06:12 BST

Hillary Clinton Has Not Won the Democratic Primary Yet

Yesterday it was announced by the Associated Press (AP) that the Democratic Primary had been won by Hillary Clinton. This soon led to reports from the Guardian, the BBC, the Huffington Post, and so on, repeating this 'fact'. However, it just isn't the case, and it is just the media repeating a blatant untruth.

Hillary isn't the Democratic candidate for president yet because the figures used for these statements come from AP, which counted 'superdelegates', who haven't voted yet. AP literally just asked superdelegates who they are thinking of voting for, then published it repeatedly as if this counted as them actually voting. Superdelegates don't vote until the Democratic Party Convention in late July.

This is important to note because Hillary won't have enough pledged delegates (voted by the American people) to win the nomination, and will rely on the future superdelegate vote in July to actually be the nomination. Thus, Bernie still has a chance, and the race isn't over by any means. Infact, superdelegates switched in 2008 to Obama, from Hillary Clinton. For Bernie to win, this scenario only has to occur again - it isn't too far fetched.

The establishment media is working with Hillary extraordinarily closely on this campaign - creating this false story just to sway California, the largest state in America, that is voting in its primary today. Now, some of the media, such as the BBC, put the announcement of her 'win' in quotes, while others, including the Huffington Post US, didn't even do that. This repetition is blatantly misleading and displays clear bias. No responsible media outlet should be repeating such obviously misleading content - with or without quotations.

Even the pledged delegates that Hillary has won have been extremely dodgy. For example, in Puerto Rico this weekend, local officials expected a turnout of 700,000, but saw less than 10% of this. Why was there such a shockingly low turnout? Because there was 1500 voting stations in Puerto Rico in 2008, but under 500 in 2016. If people can't vote for their chosen candidate, Bernie cannot win. This is a travesty for democracy, and follows several other claims of election fraud in previous states.

It is time to call out the media bias and election fraud to ensure democracy in the most influential country in the world. Hillary isn't already the Democratic candidate.

Here is the actual delegate count of those delegates that have already voted, as of June 6th.


Image Source: Twitter @Urza83