27/04/2016 11:54 BST | Updated 28/04/2017 06:12 BST

Why Hillary Is Not the Answer to America's Problems

There have been thousands of articles pumped out over the course of the Democratic primary telling us of the 'dangers' of Bernie Sanders. These articles tend to skim over some key points that I find vital to the decision making of Americans voting in these primaries.

Let's break some myths.

Myth 1. Hillary is more electable than Bernie in the general election

It is touted nearly everywhere, bar notable exceptions, that a 'socialist Jew' couldn't win against the political machine that would be the Republican candidate. This leads voters to feel they have to 'play it safe' and choose Hillary, who is surely more electable, right? Because we must stop Trump?

The polls differ from these assumptions in the media. Hillary does beat Trump by an average of +8.5%, but Bernie hits him with a +15.2% average lead. Cruz? Hillary scrapes with +3%, Sanders hits with +12% in nearly every poll. The scariest one though? Sanders beats Kasich +4.8%, Hillary loses by -8%. The 'more electable' candidate is the one doing far worse in the polls. The 'more electable' candidate is the only one who loses to a Republican. If you want stop Republicans getting in the White House, you have to vote Bernie Sanders.

Myth 2. Hillary has more experience fighting for you than Bernie.

The Clinton Family's entire aim has been to get into the White House - you don't get there two separate times without making sacrifices. The question is, what has she been sacrificing? In the same that she was fighting against gay marriage and for the Iraq War, Bernie was voting the opposite. Bernie has experience pushing for progress, and making it happen. He seems to make the right calls - Bernie was even getting arrested when protesting in the black civil rights movement when he was young, showing he'll put himself in harms way to protect other people.

Hillary may have more experience in the cabinet, but Bernie has more experience being right.

Myth 3. Hillary's policies attack the corrupt political and economic establishment.

Hillary is the corrupt political establishment. She doesn't want to take money out of politics - her whole career and campaign is only funded because there is money in politics. You don't take thousands of dollars from companies, and have those companies expect nothing in return. Businesses aren't stupid - Hillary owes them one, and not the American people.

Myth 4. Hillary are Bernie have been treated fairly.

The media is owned by the economic establishment, and the economic establishment funds and have investments in Hillary. It doesn't take much to see why any topic is skewed to be pro-Hillary, and anti-Bernie. This entire campaign, it has been very clear from the outside that the media doesn't do either candidate justice, but most importantly, it doesn't do the American people justice. Just yesterday, CNN was running a video of an empty podium whilst Bernie was giving his speech after the polls closed.

Look out for the media skew, you'll spot it everywhere.