Hillary Clinton

Though she's glad she had kids, the talk show host appeared exasperated by the thought of Arizona lawmakers preventing others from making their own choice.
The right-wing commentator had announced that he travelled to Moscow to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The former secretary of state ended her post about Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig with a truly bizarre hashtag.
The former secretary of state expressed her frustration over Republican governors' rejection of a summer food assistance program for children.
“I know which I'm choosing,” said the 2016 Democratic candidate.
The 2016 Democratic candidate had the shortest, bluntest response.
The former US secretary of state made a stark prediction over what a second Trump presidency would mean.
About 30 students walked out, decrying what they described as the university being complicit in efforts to target students over their views on the Israel-Hamas war.
The Democratic 2016 candidate predicted Trump will likely be the GOP's 2024 nominee, but also suggested when the Republican fever may break.
Trump's 2016 Democratic rival used one of the late senator's most iconic quotes to call out the former president.