Hillary Clinton

The former US secretary of state made a stark prediction over what a second Trump presidency would mean.
About 30 students walked out, decrying what they described as the university being complicit in efforts to target students over their views on the Israel-Hamas war.
The Democratic 2016 candidate predicted Trump will likely be the GOP's 2024 nominee, but also suggested when the Republican fever may break.
Trump's 2016 Democratic rival used one of the late senator's most iconic quotes to call out the former president.
“The Russians have proved themselves to be quite adept at interfering and if [Putin] has a chance, he’ll do it again," Clinton told Jen Psaki.
The former secretary of state agreed questions about the president's age are "legitimate," but quickly pivoted away in an MSNBC interview.
The former president's daughter-in-law had big beef with Hillary Clinton's MSNBC interview, and critics could only laugh at the irony.
Donald Trump's daughter-in-law went back to an old Republican refrain while reacting to news of his fourth indictment.
The former secretary of state and 2016 rival said she feels "profound sadness that we have a former president who has been indicted on so many charges."
The former president's 2016 comments attacking Hillary Clinton were unearthed by CNN's KFile.