Hillary Clinton Weighed In On The Barbie Oscars Snubs – And It’ll Make You Cringe

The former secretary of state ended her post about Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig with a truly bizarre hashtag.
Margot Robbie and Hillary Clinton
Margot Robbie and Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s latest social media post fell as flat as Stereotypical Barbie’s feet.

On Wednesday, the former secretary of state entered the Barbie Oscars discourse after neither Greta Gerwig nor Margot Robbie managed to secure nominations in the Best Director and Best Actress categories, respectively.

It seems Clinton was so outraged by these snubs, that she published on both Instagram and X, formerly Twitter, about the injustice.

“Greta & Margot,” the former presidential candidate began her post. “While it can sting to win the box office but not take home the gold, your millions of fans love you. You’re both so much more than Kenough.”

She then ended her very loaded post with a truly nonsensical hashtag: “#HillaryBarbie”

Many social media users on X were quick to point out some flaws in Clinton’s posts.

Although it made sense for Barbie star Ryan Gosling to make a public stink about his colleagues’ snubs, the same can’t be said of a politician with zero ties to the film.

Other users felt that Clinton’s post reeked of white feminism, considering that Barbie actor America Ferrera was nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category and Lily Gladstone made Academy Awards history by being the first Native American to be nominated for an acting Oscar for her turn in Killers Of The Flower Moon.

Many social media users felt Clinton’s feminism should be aimed at more pressing issues.

And others just went to town on Clinton’s bizarre hashtag.

What makes Clinton’s Barbie post truly cringe, however, is that both Greta and Margot are going to be just fine.

For starters, Barbie made more than $1 billion at the global box office. Plus, the two women were nominated in other Oscars categories: Greta earned an Oscar nod in the Best Adapted Screenplay category alongside her partner, Noah Baumbach. Barbie also got a nod for Best Motion Picture — meaning that, if it were to win, Margot would take the stage to accept the award, since she is credited as one of the film’s producers.


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