Hillary Clinton Rips Republicans Over Child Food Move: ‘What Is Wrong With These People?’

The former secretary of state expressed her frustration over Republican governors' rejection of a summer food assistance program for children.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday took Republicans to task over a report that Republican governors in 15 states are shunning a new federally-funded food assistance program for hungry kids in the summer.

“What is wrong with these people?” Clinton asked on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate shared The Washington Post’s coverage of the move and quoted the first paragraph of its story:

Republican governors in 15 states are rejecting a new federally funded program to give food assistance to hungry children during the summer months, denying benefits to 8 million children across the country.

See Clinton’s post here:

The $2.5 billion (£1.97 billion) program is slated to start in June and is expected to help 21 million youngsters.

Republican governors have cited various reasons for turning down the aid, from saying they don’t want to duplicate existing but slightly different program to Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ claim that giving families pre-loaded EBT cards would do “nothing to promote nutrition at a time when childhood obesity has become an epidemic.”


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