12/07/2016 11:59 BST | Updated 13/07/2017 06:12 BST

Big Brother 2016 - Week Five Review

Whilst this series has been great, as soon as "annihilation week" was announced, I started to find myself losing emotional investment in the series. I love a ten week long civilian run where I can spend time learning about each housemate thoroughly, witnessing each and every character's journey, and predicting my eviction as well as future finalist results on a weekly basis.

Despite this series being great so far and having plenty of action take place over the course of the month, it still feels like we're in the beginning stages, with only four evictions down the line. Knowing that it ends in two weeks, following the kamikaze that annihilation week has been sold to us as, it now feels as if a series that had the potential be great in a transitional way, is now being rushed on a conveyor belt and fast-forwarded as quick as possible in order to prepare viewers for a better higher rated celeb series - most probably with less entertainment and intrigue, but one that delivers on ratings.

With only a couple of weeks remaining, I'm pleased Charlie was finally ousted. It dawned on me that a house of great characters was being wasted by a dull and monotonous bunny boiler story-line. Whilst Charlie had repetitively started to wear me down as a viewer, I also felt it was serving Jason too much grace. Jason seems like a great guy, clearly with a lot of patience and reasoning, but he doesn't have 'Big Brother' winner potential to me. Every feud, dynamic and relationship in the house puts each housemate in a hero or villain role. Whilst Jason clearly proved himself as the bigger person in his relationship with Charlie, there are plenty of other characters that I enjoy watching more and find far more endearing and likeable that haven't rightfully been accredited, due to their lack of story line.


Lateysha has been a favourite of mine from the beginning mainly because she is without a story line yet stands out as a good character. Expecting her to be the second coming of Kinga, mixed with an nature as argumentative as Charley Uchea's, she has surpassed the tacky as hell, but entertaining expectation that most viewers would have had of her. Although she is still utilised as the muddled house joker, it seems aside from Andy who takes a more intellectual narrators role, she is one of this cast's voice of reasons. I'm unsure as to whether this is a credit to her character, or in reverse - says more about the vacuous nature of the rest of her housemates.

My confusion over whether I like Andy or not remains intact. 95% of what Andy says I agree with, but I'm not fond of his tone or approach to the majority of the confrontations he puts himself in. It's almost as if it's the substance of Andy that I am in favour of, just not the style he possesses. I often find his passive aggressive, self righteous tone infuriating in most instances, yet find myself completely agreeing with the statements he makes. Andy has a place in the house and should stay, as I at least have respect for him.

I find Ryan and Hughie's relationship cute and I'm still very fond of the pair of them. Whilst Ryan appears to be the more flamboyant, animated character; I actually find him more grounded and rationale. Hughie is becoming a bit too boisterous and hot headed, unable to regain any control of the chimp in him when he sees threat. Like a Pit bull, he sinks his teeth into others and fails to let go. I love Hughie's personality, but I'm starting to dislike his temperament. If he didn't have an endearing quirky Irish accent he'd most probably be seen as another viscous, villain - as loath-able as Natalie.

With the finale coming so soon, I'm getting annoyed with the complacent coasters that offer no contribution to the house yet remain safe i.e. Evelyn, Sam and Laura. Alex I actually quite like, despite the fact he does the least in the house. When he does speak, he does speak sense and his opinions I'm usually for. I'd say it's a shame we don't see a little more of him, but then again, there may not be much more.

My biggest guilty pleasure this series is Jayne. In the beginning she left no impression on me in the "other" house amongst the rest of them, but four weeks in and she has me. Although the main enjoyment that comes from her place in the house seems to mainly take place within the diary room, she genuinely does strike me as a sweet, sincere woman. The older characters are always disregarded in most series and evicted early on. Whilst she still seems to be a loose cannon, within the house - threatening to leave if she isn't given bread and jam (of all foods in this world), I want her to stay to the end. She's one of my favourites and if she isn't victim to "Annihilation week", I really hope she's in it for the long haul. Jayne will never win, but if she gets near the end she'll at least be remembered by many as the second best diary room screecher to Nicky Grahame.