'Big Brother: Timebomb' - Week Two Review

A week ago, I was enthused about this series of. Feeling impressed with the line-up, launch night twist and use of this year's "Timebomb" theme,'s week one stunts had me anticipating more fireworks and a great follow-through for its first few weeks.

A week ago, I was enthused about this series of Big Brother. Feeling impressed with the line-up, launch night twist and use of this year's "Timebomb" theme, Big Brother's week one stunts had me anticipating more fireworks and a great follow-through for its first few weeks.

Admittedly, I've been rather bored with week two's viewing. A number of housemates have under delivered, failing to live up to their VT's, whilst the latter come across as merely loathable. Last week I could pick a single favourite (Nick), but unfortunately his repeated self-pitying moments, awkward mannerisms and constant self-deprecation of his own character is beginning to leave me a little bored.

This week's talking point is the Irish Jezebel, Jade. Last week her efforts to do nothing bar repeat to her housemates that she was polyamorous, proved irritating enough for viewers. From an entertainment perspective we love a panto-villain, however I cannot pretend to like Jade in the slightest. Anyone who on national television finds it acceptable to call themselves "physically and spiritually beautiful" deserves an immediate eviction simply for being delusional in the first instance. I admire Jade's strength of character for withstanding all pressure to compromise her personality in order to be liked, however her manipulative behaviour, man-eating nature and narcissistic mentality is ghastly to watch. Jade is not even enjoyable TV viewing, she is purely evil.

Many girls in the house have also shown themselves to be unpleasant. Eileen who has recently become popular with the public has proven to also be neurotic and somewhat bitter. Eileen's diary room monologues are quirky and comedic, however the content of what comes out of her mouth is usually sinister and disdainful towards others. It goes without saying that Jade has unfortunately brought the worst out of Eileen and dampened her sparkle; therefore one can only hope that the protagonist (Jade) is evicted, removing the dark cloud from above the house with her. I liked Eileen in the beginning; however I'm starting to see a dark, insecure, cynical side to her that will become her downfall. A lot of her housemates aren't fond of her either and I usually say there's no smoke without fire.

Initially believing twins Amy and Sally were cast as the candy-floss of the house, these two have shown a little more colour in the last week as well. Likewise with Eileen, their sudden growth in popularity has sprouted from their dislike towards central hate-figure Jade. It goes without saying that Jade is hideous on the inside, however I wouldn't for a second claim that butter wouldn't melt in either of these bombshell's mouths.

In my opinion, Amy and Sally are two of the nastiest housemates. Whilst they constantly mope around like a pair of stuck-up bitches, moaning away, slagging off every other housemate in the diary room, I am yet to see anything pleasant in either of the sisters. Saying that, I cannot tell Twin A from Twin B therefore I am only left wondering whether both of them are equally as nasty as the other, or whether it's just one of them doing all the talking and getting the airtime. So far, they have come across as egotistical, vacuous, grumpy and utterly miserable since they entered. Currently, I'm in doubt whether the twins actually auditioned for Big Brother. I wouldn't be surprised if they had only chosen to take part because they were persuaded to do so by a bull-shitter agent who promised them fame.

Saving the best until last (and the one with the most issues) is the ill-mannered, hostile, abrasive bitch Harriet. One could only think that in her own mind the world must owe her something. The girl who posed as a down-to-earth "cafe girl", has shown her true colours now as an acidic person. If I thought I had ever known someone with a chip on their shoulder, I had another think coming after watching Harriet over the last week. As we watch her self-destruct day by day, there are times where I admittedly refrain from judging Harriet as a civilised human being and succumb to the entertainment of the carnivalesque freak show she exhibits on for us.

Whilst the majority of male housemates slip under the radar including pathetic attention seeker Aaron, I remain fond of Joel, Nick, Jack and Christian, purely because they are all mainly misunderstood and haven't done enough to make utter fools of themselves yet. Currently, against my expectations Sarah is now the only girl I like and has potentially become my new personal favourite.


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