19/06/2015 13:35 BST | Updated 19/06/2016 06:59 BST

'Big Brother: Timebomb' - Week Five Review

Since Big Brother launched five weeks ago it feels like I've watched three different series. It started with the originals, then the four replacement newbie's. Now with the addition of three BB 'legends' currently added into the mix, I'm continually struggling to keep up with what is actually going on.

Given the majority of originals are not that interesting, the storylines have fundamentally revolved around Brian, Helen and Nikki who have successfully stirred the plot, ruined the peaceful vibe and shown up all the original housemates as one-dimensional bores.

A week ago I thought Marc had the win in the bag after proving himself as the perfect panto-villain. Naively, it did not occur to me prior to his residence in the secret house, he was in risk of being completely spoiled by the contagious Helen Wood (whose venom has completely poisoned Marc). Despite Helen being the most recent winner and accumulating a fan base for being utterly unruly, it just shows that when you lay with dogs, you catch fleas. Although I am disappointed in Marc's complete 180, I enjoy witnessing the dynamics of Big Brother change. Predicting that Marc will not last longer than two more weeks, I'm excited at the prospect of seeing other characters emerge as front runners once the Marc show has subsided.

In the early days of Harry's residency, I wasn't keen. Confused as to whether she is completely playing a game, I am intrigued. I felt sorry for her, witnessing her alienation by the Timewarp guests, however I don't for a second doubt that she isn't aware of what she is doing. Although we have seen her crack and show vulnerability, she is entirely emotionally concealed and has a strong hold over Nick. I remain confused about who Harry is and whether she is absent of human feelings, or just a complete game player.

I can no longer believe butter wouldn't melt in Nick's mouth either. Despite most viewers claiming he is a lion dressed as a zebra, I often doubt that Nick has any idea as to what he is doing in the slightest. Both Nick and Harry appear to have their games intact the majority of the time but show major inconsistencies in the characters they attempting to portray from their VT's. Saying that, I like them both - just not together.

I gave Christian the benefit of the doubt because I felt he may have been given a disservice and lack of airtime. Aside from when he outbursts with his childlike tantrums, following a nomination or misinterpreted personal attack, he clearly has nothing more to his character. I do not doubt Christian is a nice guy, but he has nothing charismatic or joyous to offer the viewers. Being blessed with a pretty face, I worry Christian has been put on a pedestal throughout his entire life and has been told how amazing he is for too long. Sadly, it has led to his delusion of his self and belief that there is a lot more substance to him then there actually is.

I remain confused about who the real Jade is. Moving swiftly on to her next victim (Brian), I wonder whether her polyamorous lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with the fact she is a man-eater and manipulator of men as well. Coincidentally, she has latched herself on to the most sincere men in the house and easily-influenced of the lot. Jade is definitely a smart cookie, with the ability to utilise kind people for her own emotional benefit. Whilst she has Brian on her side, she is able to climb to a higher position of power in the house once again, however if Jade is not evicted this week - I think her days are numbered now.

I continue to loath Jack, since he has done more than enough to prove himself as an unpleasant person. Although I respect him for when he sticks up for others and speaks up when his fellow housemates don't, his entire mindset and nature is corrupt and hideous, not to mention ghastly to watch. I do not in the slightest big feel sorry for him upon being entirely mislead about his substantial twitter following. It's fair to say that Pie Face has egg on his face after being completely made a joke of out of over the last few weeks. If he wasn't so far up his own arse, maybe I'd have actually felt a little sorry for him.

Joel remains my favourite and seems to be a winning candidate. Now that Marc has tossed the win away, I think we could be in for a nice but boring winner this year meaning Chloe or Danny. Given this is Big Brother and anything can happen, I did put a cheeky bet on for Simon to win several weeks back just for the fun of it. Strangely enough his odds have become slimmer now and with nobody wanting a boring winner who knows what could happen in weeks to come!