06/07/2013 12:08 BST | Updated 04/09/2013 06:12 BST

Big Brother - Week 3 Opinion

As the weeks go by I feel as though the number of housemates I can safely say "I like" are rapidly decreasing. This week appears to have been a key turning point when it comes to my opinions of a number of them.

I respected Dan for his honestly in the beginning, however it did not take me long to realise that the whiney 33 year old obviously thrives on confrontation and conflict. Although the horrendous Jemima got the boot last week, he's clearly not been short of other housemates to rift with. When it comes to his battles with Wolfy, (who I did previously like but can now reveal after this week that I also hate her too) I feel as if I'm watching a win-win battle. Either way I'll be able to witness at least one of my most hated housemates get wiped across the floor by the other. Nevertheless, both their cocky demeanor's exceedingly frustrate me. Clearly Wolfy has dwelled on the fact that the fans cheered her on during the first weeks eviction, however she seems to be forgetting something crucial; if she was voted both the least attractive and hygienic, surely that means most viewers obviously don't have the highest of opinions towards her. She's now getting too big for her own boots and the fact that Gina and Dexter were voted into the secret house allowing her to believe she was saved makes me want to scream even louder every time I hear her blow her own trumpet.

I already spoke on how Hazel was nothing but simply eye candy, whose breasts will predictably carry her through to the final given the fact she has zero personality. However, things seem to have changed as actually she's such a bitch that she can't even hide it anymore. Why Dexter bows at her feet I cannot comprehend, but I truly hope she is taken off her pedestal at some point and put in her place by one of the others - I'm betting on Gina.

As for the Travers, there's nothing about them in which I find likable. To me Charlie is purely a 'nothing', who tends to say stupid things at the wrong time, whilst her mother is so past it that she urgently needs to go home and retire from attaining a Z-list celebrity status. Not only am I scared when having to see her without her makeup on every morning, but listening to her stand on her soapbox makes me want to throw my TV out the window.

Finally, I truly do not know even where to start with Calum. Not only is he frighteningly awkward, socially inept and a clear pathological liar, but he honestly strikes me as being mentally unstable. In my opinion, anyone who lies their way into getting on Big Brother needs to be removed upon premise that their stories are unveiled as lies. More of my anger and frustration is directed at the producers for actually believing that this disturbing freak of nature had the ability to seduce over two hundred women with his "deceptive intelligence". Good one BB!

Aside from the twins who have recently warmed to me, the only housemates who to a large extent I remain positively partial to are both self-obsessed narcissists Gina & Dexter. Without needing to go overboard for attention too often, Gina's constant nose-in-air snobby demeanor continues to amuse me day after day, whilst Dexter's shit stirring and mysterious conduct continues to keep things interesting. Now that they're both in the secret house together, I'm looking forward to seeing my two favourites bond in hope that they will no doubt cause a vast array of havoc over the next few days.

With both Gina & Dexter safe, I predict Calum, Dan and Wolfy could all potentially be in trouble with these weeks' nominations. However, in a hopeful twist of events, I wouldn't be surprised if nominations were solely down to the two of them this week.