09/06/2013 18:33 BST | Updated 09/08/2013 06:12 BST

15 Ways to Spend Time Until the Next Series of Game of Thrones

With the ever rising popularity of Game of Thrones, fans are surely going to be at a loss after the series finale airs on Sunday. Personally, it has been a long time since I've gotten into a show like this and, as a Northerner trapped in the South, I feel that I share both a special bond with the show and the pain of the Stark family. Therefore, I've come up with some sure fire ways to ride out the ensuing nine or so months until the next series arrives.

**Warning cryptic mild spoilers alert**

1. Find friends who haven't seen it yet and watch the whole three series again with them. When something you remember as unpredictable or shocking comes along, stare at them as they experience it for the first time, nodding manically and saying things like "Yeah, Sean Bean. I KNOW!"

2. Disappear. Go completely off the radar. Shut down all social networking, phone communications, and stock up with food. Eventually if you're fortunate enough to have people/family who care for you they can come round to your house to find you living in a makeshift Winterfell complete with homemade straw effigies of the Starks. If they ask you if you're OK simply reply "Shhhhh. This is my family now..."

3. Sit by people at bus stops staring fretfully into the distance before turning to them and screaming "WINTER IS COMING!"

4. Buy a pet and spend nine months staring into its eyes trying to get inside its head.

5. Travel to Scotland and live as a Wildling. Don't forget to raid towns and villages, eventually the police will find you living in a cave and bring you home in time for the next series.

6. Bleach your hair blonde, buy three komodo dragons and attach toy wings or live crows to their backs. You can now walk around the town claiming they're your babies.

7. Call up Sean Bean and ask him what offers O2 have on.

8. Try and get into Royal functions, then spend the afternoon walking up to guests whispering: "Whenever you play the game of thrones you either win or die, there is no middle ground."

9. If you're privileged enough to be a Northerner, start a rebellion. There's a good chance it'll be quashed but there's a lot of fun to be had on the way. If anyone asks what it's about simply claim: "THEY CUT SEAN BEANS HEAD OFF!"

10. Do you have a petty grievance? Host a wedding and then massacre them all.

11. Buy a wolf.

12. If you haven't already, you could be so drastic as to read the books, hoping that they make the squiggles into pictures for your head.

13. Start a relationship with a sibling, it'll be frowned upon but all being well you'll be separated for a lengthy period of time very shortly.

14. Start carrying a small child around and just keep saying your own name over and over. When social services get involved have the resolve to stay in character.

15. Come up with your own family sigils and slogans. For example mine is a picture of a dangerous fish and the slogan is "Oh my Cod!"

There are many ways to pass the time until next year. I hope these helped. Until then, winter is coming, the night is dark and all that stuff. Enjoy the finale!