13/01/2014 07:57 GMT | Updated 13/03/2014 05:59 GMT

The Ten New Names for Football Teams We All Want to See

Late last year Assam Allam, the erstwhile owner of Hull City FC, applied to the FA for clearance to change his new plaything's name to the far more exotic Hull Tigers. Rawr.

While this has got the fans up in arms over the potential obliteration of more than a century's worth of history, and is unlikely to pass after the FA announced they would consult these fans over the potential name change, it got me thinking about what other teams would benefit from a name change.

Then I stopped thinking about that, and started to consider what would be the funniest names for football clubs if they all took the Hull approach and tacked their nickname onto their official name. Here's the potential ten I like the most:

1.Everton Toffees

Everton's nickname comes from an old toffee shop located near Goodison Park, and opposite the lock-up which appears on their crest. I think any club facing them would be more afraid of being in a sticky situation should they adopt this moniker.

2.Brighton Seagulls

Originally known as the 'Seahorses', Brighton adopted this nickname after a chant of 'Seagulls! Seagulls!' went up around their ground in response to arch rivals Crystal Palace chanting their nickname 'Eagels! Eagles!'. This surely means the fans would be behind any potential change.

3.Fulham Badgers

To be honest both of Fulham's nicknames - this and the Cottagers - would liven up this dull single word name, but I'm going for Badgers in honour of the club mascot 'Billy the Badger'. Fulham should support their beloved mascot and adopt this name as a tribute.

4.Reading Biscuitmen

So you thought Reading were nicknamed the Royals? Not necessarily. This referred to the former Huntley and Palmers biscuit factory in the town. Now rarely used. Time to bring it back people. Start the petition.

5.Northampton Cobblers

Comes from the famous shoe-making industry in the town. This would not only suit Aidy Boothroyd's men due to the history, but it would also reflect the complete cobblers Northampton fans have had to endure on the pitch this season.

6.Leicester Filberts

Currently seldom used, this derives from the previous ground being located on Filbert Street. Whilst Hull fans bemoan the potential loss of history, Leicester fans should be pushing for their club to show greater appreciation of theirs. My memories of Filbert Street are of Muzzy Izzet and Emile Heskey banging in the goals. Good times.

7.Tottenham Lilywhites

Shed the Hotspur tag and take on this fearsome description of the club's shirt colour, Lilywhite fans. If that's not threatening enough, then change the shirt colour and take that name. Coming soon, the Tottenham Fuchsias.

8. Hartlepool Monkey Hangers

This really could happen. Hartlepool have adopted this long-term insult - after a monkey was hanged in the town for being a Nazi spy in WW2 - as their own. They elected the club's mascot, 'Angus the Monkey, as Mayor. They'd love the football team to show a similar attachment.

9.Morecambe Shrimps

Possibly related to the fishing/shrimping industry in the region, Jim Bentley's League Two outfit would surely gain a cult following if they changed their name to this. If their form doesn't improve soon, they could be swimming with the non-league fishes.

10. Nottingham Tricky Trees

No joke, this is Forest's nickname. What's wrong with Forest? Or something Robin Hood related? This sounds like a villain in a kid's TV show. 'The Tricky Trees' come and steal the Teletubby custard, or something like that. Definitely football team name material.