07/05/2014 08:16 BST | Updated 06/07/2014 06:59 BST

Travel Perfect Peru in Eight Stunning Photos


Peru gathers the impeccable. A cluster of breathtaking Inca ruins here, a plethora of dreamy beach stretches there, not to mention the second largest region of the Amazon rainforest after Brazil.

Then, it's no wonder that photographers flock to get as many snaps of the splendours that Peru so majestically displays. But which of those photographers manage to convey the beauty of Peru the best. I have scanned the internet to find some of the best photos of the formidable South American hotspot:

1. Huacachina


Photo by Francisco Javier Garcia Orts

2. Colca Canyon


Photo by Leonora Enking

3. Lake Titicaca


Photo by Christian Haugen

4. Amazon Rainforest, Peru


Photo by Anoldent

5. Nazca Lines


Photo by Paul Williams

6. Cusco


Photo by Kenneth Moore

7. Mancora


Photo by Al Cortes

And last but by no means least...

8. Machu Picchu


Photo by Pedro Szekely

To see these magical places and take photos of them yourself I recommend this list of exemplary Peru tours.